The controversial ban on advertising for abortion should be maintained, according to the Vice-President of the German medical Association, Martina Wenker,. “We have found here many years ago, a social compromise, the two goods taken into consideration,” said the Chairman of the lower Saxony chamber of Physicians, in an Interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”.

Wenker was referring to the interests of an involuntarily Pregnant, and the Protected interest of the unborn child. “The compromise that we bring these two sides into harmony, is the consulting solution. And I think that is very viable.“

According to Section 219a of the penal code, the advertising of abortion in certain circumstances is punishable. In this context, the case of the convicted Doctor Kristina Hänel triggered a debate on a possible repeal.

she had provided on their website information on the topic of abortion and was sentenced on the basis of paragraph 219a to a monetary penalty. According to doctors, militant opponents of abortion use the paragraph again and again to the intimidation of women doctors.

today you can enter on the website of the Federal centre for health education, its zip code, and Advisory bodies in the environment, in turn, stated Martina Wenker, and added: “I think that you should improve awareness of these services.”

Wenker insisting that the interviews needed to be open and not in a direction likely to urge. “If that doesn’t work, we need to tackle is the. Besides, it can’t be that women need to wait long or travel far.“ It is important, prior to a termination of pregnancy to keep still even for a Moment, and to see that it is going to be another human life.

health insurance should blood tests of Pregnant women

In the Interview, Wenker requested that blood tests for Pregnant women are in future to be covered by health insurance. “The security should not depend on the income of the parents,” said the Vice-President. “Also, it is unfair, if women can’t afford that, you need to make at the end of a much more dangerous amniocentesis, the risk of a miscarriage.”

However, one has to ask the question, what should be on everything. To do this, there is a need for a societal debate. If you just wanted to have a genetically perfect man, lost the diversity in society, warned Wenker. The legislator had to stake out for future Tests limits.

More than 100 members of the Bundestag from all parties except the AfD had called for a debate on the prenatal Tests. The Federal Joint Committee of health is currently examining the extent to which funds in the future, blood tests for trisomy 21.


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