For a few days on the Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, the billboards, the broadcast of one of the famous pastel drawings of Karl Lagerfeld: Coco Chanel’s tweed suit bench, crown of Bartholdi and the torch of freedom to the hand. As the slogan, “Paris-New York” in the name of the previous Crafts, this collection is, for the past fifteen years, runs every first Tuesday of December in a place in the world. So, this will be in the city that never sleeps, more exactly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and still more precisely in the department of egyptian art. This is where is kept, since 1967, the temple of Isis of Dendur, remains the nubians removed during the campaign of Unesco’s safeguarding of the treasures threatened by the construction of the Aswan dam.

“I had this idea of Egypt for a long time. However, to the Louvre, I couldn’t (…). We timidly asked at the Met, they said yes”

Karl Lagerfeld

Pharrell Williams, guest of exception, in the Ramses of charm. Olivier Saillant

no one has more fashion show at the Met since Valentino rossi in 1982, that is to say, if take down this address takes the feat (for a French house, also). “I had this idea of Egypt for a long time, assures Karl Lagerfeld …

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