a reference to a song of Adamo, this is not what there are more “cool” on social networks. But let’s face it, this Grand Palace was transformed into a village of mountain, and those eyes, in the audience and on the podium, filled with tears recall to memory these words: “the snow Falls / You will not come tonight / the snow Falls, / And my heart is dressed in black”. For the second time, Karl did not come. And now, he will not come. As at the end of the haute couture fashion show at the end of January, Virginie Viard spell in its place, a shadow fleeting on the door of a cottage named Gardenia, who salutes before leaving quickly behind the scenes. We will not know what happened behind, once the models left the stage and joined all those who, in the shade, “have been” for thirty-five years of Chanel, which Karl never ceased to remember the value that it considered it sometimes even superior to his own.

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