For SpaceX-chief Elon Musk is fixed: Sooner or later it will be us on the earth to be uncomfortable, and humanity must look elsewhere in the universe, according to habitat. In the first place, Mars is for him. In the next twenty years Musk wants to send the first humans to the Red planet.

This Vision also follows the Blockbuster series of “MARS” from the Oscar-winners Ron Howard and Brian Grazer on the WORLD: the protagonists of The documentary-Fiction travel in the year 2033 to the Red planet and establish the first colony on Mars “Olympus Town”. Gently build up in the foreign Terrain of an existence – a home. But how realistic is this scenario?

A response, Bremer geophysicists Christiane Heinicke. Together with five other scientists has simulated a year living and Working on Mars, cut off from the Rest of the world on the slopes of an active volcano on Hawaii. In this time, the participants had neither a telephone nor a television. E-Mails “to the earth” had to do about 20 minutes of privacy could be among the only eleven-metre-wide dome.

As Christiane, the Heinicke Social Experiment has experienced, whether your colleagues went to the nerve – or what your Hobbies are, you could be on your Mars: you are the expert now, your questions and discuss with you in Live Chat on Wednesday at 12.30 PM.


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