In France, each week, more than 340 children who are the victims of a road accident, as a passenger of a car. According to the study VOIESUR dating from April 2015, these accidents lead to more than a hundred people injured and one death per week. A heavy toll that could be somewhat alleviated if the children were properly restrained.

A car seat quality is not an accessory that can be cut without consequences. Our offspring still deserves it to invest a certain budget for his security, is not it? It is in this context that the German manufacturer Britax Römer intends to propose a new generation of child seats for September 2018.

The model “Advansafix IV R” advocates the ease of use with its “Flip & Grow”, simplifying the transformation of the seat when one wishes to pass from the category of group 1 to group 2/3. Remove the 5-point harness to install the “SecureGuard”, is therefore no longer required. As for the “EasyRecline”, it allows you to adjust more easily to the seat on the back seat of the car. The model is charged 330 euros.

The seat “Kidfix III M”, for its part, has a folder in a V-shape, adapting to the morphology of the child throughout his growth. This exchange for the sum of 260 euros. However, if you do not trust that seat-having obtained the best results in the crash tests, the brand Cybex is required.

The Cybex Pallas S-Fix” is, in fact, classified as a “Test winner” in the category child car seat group 1/2/3 (9 – 36 kg) with a result of “GOOD”. The “S Solution-Fix” receives the same honours, but on par with the seats of other brands. To equip the champion of the category, it will cost 329 euros, compared to 219 euros for the “S Solution-Fix”.

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