Show garden


Happy owner of the botanical garden of Pellinec, in the Côtes-d’armor, Gérard Jean makes us clap eyes on the treasures of beauty of his actresses doped with chlorophyll. These flowers theatre the swirls are amazing, the graphics crazy, with bright colors, allow themselves to admire the changing seasons and pages beautifully illustrated by the author. If one recognizes the exuberance of spring and the immaculate conception of the Cornus kusa , the blue poppies of the Himalayas ( Meconopsis baileyi ), mauve intense magnolia ‘Star Wars’, we are also surprised by the elegance and flamboyant of rare and exotic plants which have the good taste to grow in our climates. Special Mention for the shrub argentine Calliandra tweedii , which is at the top of the poster, the flowers blue with metallic reflections of the amazing broméliacée chilean Puya berteronnia , not to mention the rain of gold Fucrea parmentieri which only happens… every ten years. History does not make us jealous, Gerard John gives at the end of the book, the list of nurseries that supply its theatre. A very nice gesture!

Flowers theatre in the garden of Pellinec , Gerard John, Ulmer, 191 p., 2018, 32 €.

holy Monsters


While, on paper, seems to oppose Jean-Michel Wilmotte and Jean Mus, the architect and the landscape architect. The Picard and Provencal, the follower of the bracket and the champion of the roundness, the rationalist and the epicurean, the champion of the stone and the maestro of the plant, the city dweller and the gardener… Yet, just the unit in the quest of the beautiful and the pages of this wonderful book testify to the fruitful dialogue that develops between these two holy monsters of their discipline. “The curve? Why not… But I would like to bring a little bit of righteousness in the gardens, Jean Mus”, one said.. “I take a axe and I the breeze… I want to make sighs, and sweets in the lines of Wilmotte,” the other replies. Suddenly, the beautiful photographs that illustrate the book show the traces of dough from their author. It becomes almost a game. The drive, under the spell, is transformed imperceptibly by a referee of the joust. We discover that we are rather “Driven” or “Wilmotte”, mineral or vegetable. Never indifferent.

Mineral-plant, two views of the garden, Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Jean Mus, interview by Dan McDowell, Ulmer, 173 p., 2018, for € 35.

Bouquets of dream


You can be an engineer and love the flowers. Stéphane Pennetier love them so much that he spends long hours hunt in his garden but also in the fields and along the paths of these treasures of nature, which he assembles into magnificent bouquets. This is what he has done for a year, from the autumn to the summer, around the Maubrairie, the house of Stéphane Marie in the Cotentin, in that preface to his book, and which he directed for several years, the decoration of the stand of Silence, it grows! the days of the plants of Courson, and then Whipped cream. “Last lights”, “Beginnings”, “a Tribute to the King-the Sun”, “Lessons of the roses” are a few of those light compositions which it delivers to the reader all of the secrets, from the gathering of branches and flowers up to the making of the bouquet, explained step by step. Photos of Pascaline Noack , of a rare beauty, wake up the soul of the florist that lies dormant in each of us.

bouquets all year round , Stéphane Pennetier, éditions E/P/A, 237p. 2018, 29,90 €.

Good to chew

Belin Editor

You can enjoy more salads, purees, or fruit juice in the same way! The agronomist and ethnobotanist, Michel Chauvet book a sum outstanding of all plants which, from near or far, eat at the surface of the Earth. Thanks to a meticulous work of investigation, the author described by the menu in this richly illustrated book not less than 700 food plants most common to the most unexpected of places, like the manna of the earth ( Digitaria sanguinalis ), the seed of paradise ( Afromum melegueta ), or chervis ( peptides or amino acids sisarum ). Edible plants that one can cultivate in his garden, buy at the market or picked in the wild. And as Michel Chauvet himself to try to give his personal impression “, especially when it goes against the praises of some other books”. Everyone make up his own mind in this ocean of flavors, including the range, in contrast there is also a widespread idea, it has continued to expand for 30 years. Good appetite!

• Encyclopedia of food plants, Michel Chauvet, Belin, 877 p., 2018, 69 €.

the Gardens of the world

Delachaux & Niestlé

The photographer Claire Takacs has had the good idea to start his world tour of the gardens by the Oceania. It includes: it is australian, and the pictures she brought of his country and of the New Zealand nearby are an irresistible invitation to fly, all business cessantes, to the antipodes. “Fire and Beauty”, on the western coast of the island continent, the “Golden Hills”, nestled in the Tamar valley, in Tasmania , are a part of these dream destinations, not to mention the breathtaking beauty of the garden in new zealand to Queenstone, in the South island. The other continents are not left out, with no less than 21 stages in North America and 23 in Europe -including two in France, with the “Jardin Plume” of Auzouville-sur-Ry (Seine-Maritime) and Berchigranges in the Vosges, before finishing in beauty with Japan and the stunning gardens of the museum of art Adachi that visitors can contemplate, through a window, like living paintings. Sublime!

Garden of dreams , Claire Takacs, Delachaux & Niestlé, 303 p., 2018, 34,90 €


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