The year 1919 was the one that was born in the French brand to the rafters, founded by a certain André Citroën. The last concept of this constructor habs is baptized 19_19, a name that echoes the date where it all began. We must not expect to discover a machine to look néorétro. This study style of 4.65 m long, evokes more of a vehicle dedicated to the explorations of lunar than a car, and does not seem destined to take the road in the near future. The cabin, which is supposed to accommodate the occupants of this strange machine, and seems to be suspended above the 4 wheels.

The cabin is thought of as a living room. Citroën

One way to create the effect “carpet flying” sought by the brand, which has made comfort a top priority. The concept is precisely equipped with the famous shock absorbers bumpers with hydraulic progressive, the ultimate weapon of the firm of Bleach to preserve the well-being of its clients. The 19_19 is a model that is 100 % electric with an impressive wheelbase of 3.10 m, which is useful for accommodating rechargeable batteries of large capacity. The front doors have screens that can be used to interface a welcome when you approach the vehicle.

The electric blue sported by this concept is a nod to the hue worn by The “Little Rosalie”, a car that, in 1933, has traveled 300 000 km on the Montlhéry ring in 134 days and 93 km/h average. The oversized wheels of 30 inches, they are the result of a partnership with the manufacturer Goodyear. Their design is inspired by the gears to the origin of the logo Citroen. These elements would be “hybrids”, with a perfect continuity between the tire and the rim.

As on the last concept of the DS, the occupants will be able to admire the ground scroll beneath their feet. The interior, for its part, is thought of as a salon, like that of the concept HAVE:ME of Audi. Another similarity with the study of style in German: the interior adopts a variety of materials, ranging from the fabric to the resin and mineral. Each seat of the Citroën 19_19 offers an experience different comfort. You may as well choose to settle in a sofa, or even lying in a long chair.

autonomy announced is 800 km. LEJEUNE, Jérôme (479)

The dashboard, very sleek, and it highlights the Personal Assistant, a cylindrical object graphics and lively that can slide vertically above and below the board, depending on the driving mode selected. It is as much a design object as an interactive element capable of entering into relationship with the driver and the passengers. Under the dashboard, the enclosed glass area, without any border can be transformed into a projection screen for movies.

The steering wheel is made of a resin mineral aspect marble. In its center, a screen will scroll through the rafters that made up the different generations of logos Citroën over time, when the vehicle is at a standstill. Despite the rise of digital, the concept 19_19 does not require its occupants to view a screen: some elements, made of the same material as the steering wheel, incorporate wide slots of storage where one can place his finest works.

The dashboard is very sleek. LEJEUNE, Jérôme (479)

the Wizard Staff is equipped with voice recognition in natural language, developed by SoundHound Inc., a start-up in Silicon Valley and strategic partner of the PSA Group. This system, which should equip the new models of PSA, is based on the technology “Deep Meaning “Understanding” that would be the only one able to respond instantly to multiple questions in a single sentence, as would a human being. This device would also the voice recognition is the fastest in the world and a perfect understanding of natural language, in a quarantine of dialects.

The concept 19_19 can also drive autonomously in some situations, relatively simple to manage, such as highway or traffic. This machine is powered by two electric motors (one per axle), which transforms it to a four-wheel drive. The total power would be 340 kW (around 460 hp) and torque reaches 800 Nm. What shoot down the 0 to 100 km/h in just 5 seconds. The top speed does not, however, surpass 200 km/h, in order to avoid draining too quickly the batteries.

The autonomy announced is 800 km (WLTP). A value that seems very optimistic, since the battery capacity is 100 kWh. The equivalent of the Tesla is the most efficient, which are far from being able to assert such radius of action. The constructor to the rafters also has a “reload speed”, which would allow to recover 600 miles of range in 20 minutes, as well as on an induction-charging technology that would fill the accumulators in a wheelchair. It is also necessary that the road infrastructure may one day allow.

The electric blue sported by this concept is a nod to the hue worn by The “Little Rosalie” of 1933. Citroën


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