On the broad plateau of the Kimberley hammered herbs blondes and the baobabs, the stockmen (cowboys) to gather their flocks in the heat of the one end of the rainy season. Scene of ordinary life and emblematic of this gigantic territory, which is the northernmost of the nine regions of Western Australia. A “Wild West” as large as two-thirds of France (423.517 square kilometres) and has only three cities, and less than 40,000 inhabitants, which makes it one of the areas least densely populated areas of the planet…

The rivers that criss-cross throw themselves headlong into a rugged coastline, spectacular, lined with mangroves, among the most pristine in the world, and almost inaccessible by land. If this is via the legendary Gibb River Road and its ramifications: 660 km track reserved to adventurers who, in a 4×4, and will win in the sweat of their brow access to some of the wonders of the Kimberley. For the great …

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