A Lyon, Joseph Viola was imitated Bocuse in leveraging its plugs. Today it has three restaurants, to ensign Daniel and Denise, where he practices in the kitchen of the mothers from lyon. In the VIe arrondissement of Lyon, the mother Fillioux invented the poultry half-mourning, dear to the great Paul. It is she who formed the mère Brazier, whose cap was frequented daily by Edouard Herriot, mayor of Lyon, president of the national Assembly, as well as the young Bocuse, whom she learned everything. It shone then 3 Michelin stars. Another mother, Leah, the specialist of sauerkraut with champagne, apron of sapper and the duck in the blood.

For customers of its three institutions,Joseph Viola finds inspiration in the kitchens of these famous mothers cooks. At Daniel et Denise, this is classic and always very good. The guests are feasting.

Joseph Viola says: “My kitchen will not leave anyone indifferent. Disposed of any frills, it is the prerogative of those for whom a meal is akin to a magical interlude. Has a feast. It is also the feast all the days in Daniel and Denise.”

This meilleur ouvrier de France in 2004, world champion pie 2009, was successful with a simple kitchen, family. No presentations that are ridiculous or portions confetti, the truth is in the plate. Scenery of the three restaurants: benches, bistro chairs, checkered tablecloths red and white, old pictures, pots and pans of copper, pitchers.

This year, Daniel and Denise are celebrating their 50 years of kitchen bitch. A la carte, depending on the day, pike quenelles Nantua sauce, omelette du curé crawfish, calf’s head sauce ravigote, Bresse poultry with morels and cream, trout rose cooked the dish, slice of pork belly in the Cantal tart Tatin with praline of Saint-Genix, baba house, paris-brest, etc, The kitchen chick has a past, strong and a promising future.

Daniel and Denise. District Créqui 156, rue de Créqui ( ; Saint-Jean district (Vieux Lyon), 32, rue Tramassac ( ; district Red Cross, 8 rue Cook ( Menu: 21 € (lunch), 33, 41 and 55 €. Map: from 35 to 55 € (without drink). Read The Cuisine canaille, Joseph Viola, Hachette Cuisine, 190 p., 24,95 €.


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