With her husband, author and writer Patrick Loiseau, Dave has long been the neighbor of Simone Veil place Vauban (Vii). This fall, he sold his beautiful apartment with 360 degrees view of Paris to cross the Seine and become the new neighbor of Sylvie Vartan and Mylène Farmer in the very chic Villa Montmorency (Xvi). Soon, his dog Clara adopted in Guadeloupe, there will be the knowledge of a Muffin, the happy bichon of the “most beautiful to go dancing”.

Happy in the kitchen and a connoisseur of the best addresses in the capital, Dave published this at the end of October a merry recipe book to Cook me , to the Cherche-Midi (24 €), the publishing house of Luana Belmondo and Hélène Darroze. At 74 years of age, it is not at all, Dave considers seriously to be ready “to replace the ass by the culinary, and I am being polite with myself”. He who always displays a silhouette flawless in her leather jacket to admit a small weakness for croquettes Dutch, the kitchen small and the nasi goreng expensive to Indonesia. What he hates? Carrots Vichy and the desserts, except the cheesecake.

The good Good fish. Restaurant Good

Since we are talking about fish, the black cod in a Good is worth the detour, even if it makes me want to go back to the Chateau Marmont on Sunset Boulevard, in Los Angeles, where you are served by the pool in the lush garden… The 25, rue de la pompe, it is still less far away!

Good. 25, rue de la pompe (Xvi). Tel.: 01 40 72 70 00.

Antipasti and Françoise Hardy

Sharing my life with a vegetarian, the Italian restaurants we agree clearly with the antipasti and the fact that the meat is not necessarily the epitome of the meal. That said, my vegetarian eats when even (rarely) fish, and when his favorite singer, Francoise Hardy, makes us discover Marius, he said: “So there, yes!”

Marius. 82, bd Murat (Xvi). Tel.: 01 46 51 67 80.

A road pleasant Walks. The Steps

The Stairs, always full of people and for good reason! Atmosphere very nice, or “stylish” to speak “djeunes” (it is in the dictionary!). Card type brasserie classic, price one can not more reasonable, in short, a good evening is guaranteed!

The Marches. 5, rue de Handling (Xvi). Tel.: 01 47 23 52 80.


Well before I imagined that I was going to have to live in the Sixteenth, I had already look for a wine from Puglia, the danze della contessa. I was so pleased that I had noted the phone number listed on the bottle! A signora of a certain age, judging by his voice on the phone was kind enough to give me this address. In addition to the wine, I enjoy their pasta.

He’s Lazy. 44, rue des Perchamps (Xvi). Tel.: 01 42 24 69 99.

Italy and Hélène Ségara San Francisco. San Francisco

A classic where I had the pleasure of dinner with Hélène Ségara. It is a Guy Job, the unforgettable director of the tv show “Bienvenue chez Guy Béart”, which made me discover this restaurant that I had forgotten a little, I admit. If this hedonist and connoisseur of good food that is Guy Job, recommend you a restaurant, you can go there in confidence!

San Francisco. 1, rue Mirabeau (Xvi). Tel.: 01 46 47 75 44.


Here is an address where I look forward to making it since my family talk to me with a communicative enthusiasm. This is the trattoria secret by Vincent Perez. The neapolitan pizza mitonnées in a wood-fired oven to the edges semi-burnt, the pasta al dente as the linguine with clams and garlic and the homemade ice cream there are said to be unbeatable…

Da Alberto. 5, rue Isabey (Xvi). Tel.: 01 42 88 37 31.


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