In Japan, the tea ceremony is a part of The rituals are strict, the gestures those squared. Standing in the laboratory of its new coffee roasting of the Nineteenth arrondissement of Paris, David Flynn did the same for the coffee that he produced with his company, the Distillery in Paris. This is the coffee ceremony. He chooses carefully its mix of precious seeds, then grinds them. Then, like a chemist, chronometer, digital set it on the table, he pours the hot water – not boiling – on-the ochre powder ground according to a precise time. The alchemy is done. The steaming liquid drips into the glass decanter. The swirling dance. And a benevolent fragrance enfume all over the room. Breaking the silence, he commented: “It has a theatrical side, which is nice for the customers but it is also what I do every morning at home.” David is a passionate. “He has a knowledge extreme coffee!”, entrust one of its 25 employees.

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