After a great criticism of a first diesel package the German car industry wants to expand offerings for owners of older vehicles. This also includes the manufacturers skeptical appraisee Hardware retrofits to exhaust facilities. This is a compromise, the Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and the German manufacturer of a top-level meeting in Berlin.

Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW want to increase their offers to owners of older diesel vehicles, as the industry Association VDA said after the more than five-hour conversation. The three companies have a vehicle-related up to 3,000 euros for the “mobility solutions” in the 15 cities, the course says, the are particularly burdened.

The money there is, therefore, vehicle owners who do not want to take a pre-approved exchange premium for a diesel vehicle exhaust emission standard Euro 5. With the promised 3,000 euros can be technical retrofits paid – only BMW these rejects. The Bavarian car manufacturer wants to support in the same amount of a new purchase. So far, VW and Daimler had offered to pay 2,400 euros per vehicle.

Scheuer said, the producers had moved “very strong”. He spoke of a “constructive result”. At the same time, he said: “Technical solutions for Cars and it Hardware retrofits will not be to the necessary development and approval time, short term available on the market.” And currently no one could tell how expensive a hardware retrofit for Diesel Cars will actually be. The manufacturer would also continue to technical concerns with this conversion.

The Greens have criticized the agreement. Faction leader Anton Hofreiter called the compromise “a sham”: “The Bamboozling goes on unabashedly.” Scheuer and the group’s bosses wanted to sell the dupes diesel owners of new cars and refused them to retrofit to other years.

the Minister Of transport and car manufacturers have long struggled to find a compromise, in order to improve the air in cities. Scheuer itself belongs but also to which that Hardware retrofits are critical – in contrast to the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze (SPD), stressed before the Meeting that from their point of view, the subsequent installation of a flue-gas cleaning is the most effective means to reduce air pollution, and loss of value to the Diesel to catch. “Technically, they are not nearly as complicated as the partially-setting is to be made,” said Schulze.

In many cities, the courts have already ordered driving bans for older Diesel – just on the day of the meeting, also for the Cologne and Bonn. The cities and municipalities warned in accordance with the judgments of the courts of Cologne and Bonn close to ban diesel cars from cities. “In the medium term, the death of diesel fuel would be for the towns poor,” said managing Director Gerd Landsberg of the Rheinische Post. “Because then we don’t discuss soon about nitric oxide, but about of fine dust and CO2.” The modern diesel vehicles with the standard 6D are not, in their eco-balance is significantly better than gasoline. Landsberg asked turning in addition, a faster Transport. “We should stop dealing mainly with the organization of a standstill, but on modern, eco-friendly mobility focus,” said Landsberg. “The shift in Traffic we can’t reach in the court room, but only through sustained action on the ground.”


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