Friday, 20 hours. The file lies on the sidewalk of the rue Réaumur (Paris IIe). Dozens of people are doing the crane kick for sitting around a table in Popolare, one of the trattorias of the group Big Mamma. Same scene on the boulevard de Clichy (Xviii century), in front of the Broth Pigalle. Or on Sunday, 13 hours, rue Lucien-Sampaix (Xe), in the vicinity of the café Holybelly 5. The object of their desire? A pizza is a neapolitan, a sausage-mashed potatoes, or pancakes. Good, cheap, served in a décor licked. But by restaurateurs who refuse to take reservations. For a bite to eat, whether it is raining or it sale, it is necessary to wait.

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This kind of scenes does not date from yesterday. The Relais de l’entrecôte, founded in 1959 by Paul Gineste de Saurs to the porte Maillot, and has spread from Paris and Geneva, thanks to the daughter of the founder, but also in Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Montpellier and Lyon, through its …

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