ArtPhotoLimited has closed its corner in BHV Marais in June of last year but continues its activities on the web, and rest to the research of original images. By initiating a new partnership with the agence Roger-Viollet, it is more than 2 million works of collections iconographic of the City of Paris that are waiting to be developed.

In 1938, Hélène Roger-Viollet and her husband Jean-Victor Fischer, both passionate about photography, based on the Photographic Documentation Générale Roger-Viollet, one of the oldest photo agencies, in the rue de Seine in Paris (Life). Over the years, they enrich the funding to establish a photographic collection unique in Europe, covering more than a century and a half history of the parisian, French and international. These thousands of photos are organised around four sections: the great historical events, Paris, portraits of personalities, and reproductions of works of art.

the first selection on the mode and Paris

ArtPhotoLimited proposes to sell these unpublished photos. Thanks to the hundreds of works of art selected on the mode and the capital, dating from the late Nineteenth century to the years 30, and amateurs will be able to make fun of it.

construction of the Eiffel tower to the Second world War, through the universal Exhibition of 1900, one discovers a Paris amazing. “We are delighted to contribute to give a second life to these images, allowing anyone and everyone to offer a piece of history,” said Louis Albert, founder of ArtPhotoLimited. Users can order prints in a variety of formats, ranging from 27×20 cm 150×100 cm.

Photos for sale on ArtPhotoLimited. Prints from€ 59.


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