special envoy to Antwerp

Because of its spring-summer 2019 us deeply scarred. Because it embodies a creation of soul. Because after thirty-three years of independence, he just sold his house in Puig without giving up its freedom. And because: what better time to talk about his inspirations, his projects and the history of fashion, the Paris Fashion Week that would not be what it is without the arrival of a group of Belgians, it has been almost thirty years that DVN is one of the last representatives?

LE FIGARO. – Currently, we can observe a youth who is interested in the history of fashion beyond the marks. In 2014, you show, at the Musée des arts décoratifs in Paris, Dries Van Noten, inspirations” which anticipated this movement.

Dries VAN NOTEN. – During the preparation of this exhibition, we felt that, for the museum, the fashion ended at the end of the haute couture. His fund had surprisingly little Armani, Versace, Montana or Mugler. Maybe a piece of Elizabeth of …

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