Germany’s Doctors should be allowed to issue to their patients in the future paperless digital recipes. So, the physicians can also prescribe drugs, if they had only via video consultation patient contact. The Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU), is preparing a corresponding law, to be operational by 2020. A Ministry spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

“that makes the electronic prescription telemedicine to a successful project,” said Spahn, the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and pointed to the benefits of Video consultations: “telemedicine saves Doctors and patients time and effort – especially in the country and outside of normal practice opening hours.” Therefore, Spahn wants to lift the current ban, stating that pharmacies are not allowed to give prescription drugs, if the physician has advised the patient at telemedicine.

The Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists (Abda) welcomed the initiative. As soon as a paper recipe had been submitted, were already all the other steps to digital, said Abda-President Friedemann Schmidt. “For us, the E-prescription is only the last digital mile, which is yet to be bridged.”

€ 900 million saving?

Spahns coalition partner urges even to hurry: The SPD-health expert Karl Lauterbach to bring the draft law in the coming weeks in the Bundestag. “The digital prescription must be done as quickly as possible,” said Lauterbach, the “New osnabrück newspaper”. Recently, the consulting firm McKinsey has estimated that the introduction of the digital recipe could lead to annual savings of approximately 900 million euros.

The health-policy spokesperson of the FDP parliamentary group, Christine ash, mountain-Dugnus, complained: “Digital recipes are only a first step for the much-needed process of Digitalisation in the healthcare sector.” Kordula Schulz-ashes of the Green defendant that an overall strategy is lacking: “As the electronic prescription is to be implemented, and also about Spahn is silent.”

Technical Details to negotiate health insurance companies, Doctors and pharmacists. You should also arrange independent rules, so that the recipes can only be in electronic Form. Details of the project wants to introduce Spahn on the Digital exam of the Federal Cabinet on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Foundation’s patient protection fears, however disadvantages, especially for elderly patients. “Many of them are not even capable of using digital devices to deal,” warned Chairman of the Foundation, Eugen Brysch.



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