Latitude 0° 0′ 0”. Any Ecuador trip stop at the monument to the Mitad del Mundo (“half the world”), the official site that marks the line equinoctial, separating the globe into two halves of exactly equal values. Camped to either side of this demarcation imaginary, one foot in the Northern hemisphere, the other in the Southern hemisphere, visitors sacrifice in the ritual of the selfie. This little elation symbolic reality, and cap on Quito, the capital, at least a half-hour drive. If the megacities in south america are often viewed with a certain distrust, Quito has the opposite effect.

from It emanates energies of caring and a sense of peace river. This relaxing atmosphere contrasts with its natural setting, very rough and uneven. Trapped between two volcanic chains, the city feeds, serpentine, more than 50 kilometres from north to south on a high plateau, at over 2800 meters of altitude. As sucked towards the sky. On fine days, from the belvedere of the Virgin, winged, …

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