Appointment at the end of may to discover the new catering offer from the Eiffel Tower. Or at least a part: the reopening of the gastronomic restaurant Le Jules Verne, under the leadership of Frédéric Anton. For the revival of the brewery, 58 Tour Eiffel version Thierry Marx, he will have to wait for the beginning of 2020. On the takeaway, also supervised by the head chef of the Mandarin Oriental, it will be gradually put in place between the spring and the end of the current year.

After the soap opera of the summer, which pitted Umanis (Sodexo), with his ticket Anton Marx, and Elior with Alain Ducasse, for the recovery of the concession of its catering services for ten years, the Eiffel Tower, presented Tuesday, in front of an audience of journalists curious, the details of the selected project. An offer “accessible to all budgets, with a quality equal to the gastro sandwich, and respectful of the environment. Here’s what you need to remember.

The Jules Verne, a “destination”

With six million annual visitors, of which 80% are foreigners, the iron Lady, would like to call “the excellence of French gastronomy”. The chef of the Pré Catelan (3 stars) announcement and wanting to make Jules Verne, in which the frame has been completely redesigned by the architect Aline Asmar Amman (already at work for the renovation of the Crillon), “a gourmet destination full”, which goes well beyond the view. For this, Anton will highlight the great French classics, revisited in its style, combining modernity and classicism”. At 18h, the gourmands will dine at a place that is “chic”, “warm”, “blended”, more bright, the colours of Paris (“the blue, the white, the grey”). Three new spaces have been created: the counter, the alcove and the private lounge. In September, the restaurant is expected to open as early as 7: 30am for breakfast. On the rate side, the lunch menu of 3 services will be offered to 105€, that is 5 services to 190€, 7 services at 230€. Bookings are already open online.

The 58 Tour Eiffel, a “cuisine de bistrot parisien”

The 58 Tour Eiffel, Thierry Marx intends to propose a “seasonal cuisine responsible and gustativement blameless” addressed to all the public. But also, “to give memory to the ephemeral, the value added to products simple,” sourced from small organic producers, conscious of their ecological impact and environmental. On the menu: “roasted fowl with mushrooms, soft boiled egg, apple pie, French toast…” The card is expected to hover around 30€ for lunch (starter-main course or main course-dessert) and€ 100 in the evening. Before closing for the work as early as September, in order to deploy the design signed Nicola Delon and Ramy Fischler, Marx sign already have a new card from the spring-summer. As early as February 2020, the brasserie, is open all day and will welcome the ground-floor a new lounge space (100 m2) and view to the floor (350 m2) will be cleared.

The chief will chair the jury of the “Guild of craftsmen of the Eiffel Tower”, created to highlight small local producers, and make the back image of the emblematic monument of Paris. Their products are in season, selected twice a year, will be cooked and sold on the spot

The takeaway invigorated

Thierry Marx is finally in charge of the other points of restoration of the Tower, with an offering that goes up in range as the ascent of the monument. On the square, three-wheeled scooter “will come to the consumer,” thanks to the start-up Ubudu, with the launch of cornets savoury and sweet ; on the first floor, The Bistro will offer an offer to take the day (sandwiches, croque, coquillettes with ham, pastries,…), which will guide the evening to restore sitting ; on the second floor, Countertops, salty and sweet will enhance the value of gourmet products, (including those of Lenôtre) ; while on the third floor, the Champagne Bar peaks at 276 metres with champagne and French caviar. 300.000 sandwiches are sold per year in the Tour. A real challenge to ensure the highest quality.


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