1 – Rome2Rio. Follow the guide Rome2Rio

Trains, buses, ferries, planes and even carpool… Rome2rio shows you all the combinations of possible transports to go from point a to point B, anywhere on the planet, stating the duration of the trips and their prices. Over 5,000 companies are listed in 160 countries. Only downside: this application australian is not yet fully translated into French. Free for iOS.

2 – Google Translate. My taylor is really rich Google Translate

If there were only one, this would be it. Google Translate translates text in more than 103 languages, of which 59 without an internet connection! It may also provide decryption instant by simply taking a text in a photo. Magic! And if your accent leaves something to be desired, it speaks to your place… Free for iOS and Android.

3 – SAS Survival Guide. SOS SAS Survival

Whether you’re lost in the middle of the desert, in the middle of the sea or near the polar circle, SAS Survival Guide unveils hundreds of tips and tricks to get you out of business. The bites of spiders and poisonous plants do you effrayeront more. With demo videos. English rigor. 6,78 € for iOS and Android.

4 – FlightAware. The switcher from the sky

Real airborne radar, FlightAware allows you to monitor the activities aviation commercial flights worldwide and private flights in the USA. The research is conducted by flight number, destination, airport. With alerts in case of delay. English only. Free for iOS and Android.

5 – Touchnote. Bons baisers de… Touchnote

look No further than the picture-perfect postcard or the stamp is perfect! Touchnote takes care of sending your messages from any point of the globe, from your vacation photos, and include a mini-map of your location. The images are cropped and dressed and then printed on cardstock. Allow between 1 and 7 days of time to send (from 1.50 €). Free App for iOS and Android.

6 – Flush. Stop peeing Flush

This app can save your life! In the case of burning desire, Flush locates the toilet closest to you and indicates the direction to follow. More than 190,000 locations of facilities are listed in the world with an indication of the quality of the service. Unfortunately, all regions are not equally represented. Works offline. Free for iOS and Android.

7 – Here WeGo. Handheld GPS Here WeGo

To avoid roaming charges exorbitant, Here WeGo offers GPS guidance for autonomous and free in 180 countries thanks to the upload of the maps you want. With traffic information (imperfect), speed limits, and weather conditions. Free for iOS and Android. Voice Instructions in French for cars and pedestrians.

8 – Easy Currency Converter. Exchange rates Easy Currency Converter

How many are worth 50 canadian dollars, 10 yuan, 120 rupees? Easy currency converter Easy Currency Converter. Usable offline, this app provides conversions directly between 180 world currencies and crypto-currencies are the most popular. Free for iOS and Android.

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