The lack of charging infrastructure is a handicap to the electric car. Especially when one takes into account the time needed for the full-energy and the low autonomy of these vehicles which requires them to recharge frequently.

The constructor of Wolfsburg, aware of the difficulty, is in the process of developing charging stations mobile. Said this way, this is reminiscent of the external batteries for smartphone. The difference is that an external battery allows you to charge a phone while using it. Hard to imagine the same thing with an electric car in movement…

The main interest of this type of device, it is able to install charging points without the use of a costly and imposing fixed infrastructure. This also makes it possible to move the terminals if needed. Each station provides a fast charge of 100 kW. Four vehicles to be charged simultaneously: two in dc and two ac.

The total storage capacity of 360 kWh would be suitable for a maximum of 15 electric vehicles. But some of Tesla with their batteries of 100 kWh dry out quickly the device. It is fortunately possible to directly connect it to a power source, allowing the station to be charged up to 30 kW per ac. If this is not possible, it will be exchanged for another, filled to 100 %, as soon as the battery charge goes below 20 %.

The system of fast-charging would, according to Volkswagen, to recover 28 kWh in 17 minutes. This of course represents 80 % of the capacity in the case of a Volkswagen e-Golf, but the system will be less effective for a Hyundai Kona Electric for example, which has a version with a rechargeable battery of 64 kWh. Not even talking about models premium shipping huge batteries of up to 100 kWh of capacity.

If the concept is interesting, some questions still remain. What is the life of the batteries of 360 kWh contained in the stations of refills? And from where will come these organs? The brand of Wolfsburg discusses the recycling of used batteries. It remains unclear to what extent these elements will be reinstated.

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