He played the romantic lovers in “Before Sunrise,” and a dreamy part-time father in “Boyhood”, now slips Ethan Hawke in the role of a washed-up, but lovable Ex-rocker named Tucker Crow. Men with heart and charm, drifting aimlessly through life, seem to be the strength of the 48-year-old Hollywood stars.

In the romantic Comedy “Juliet, Naked” will turn into a Songwriter and singer who had more than 20 years ago with a single Album “Juliet” of success, but then suddenly disappears. Now the former musician in the converted Garage of his Ex-wife in rural Pennsylvania and takes care of his little son.

An old rocker, a Groupie, and a bored girlfriend

Crowe but still has loyal Fans. The-Obsessed is Duncan, a College teacher in a British Küstenkaff and passionate operator of an Online forum that is completely dedicated to the mysterious US Rocker, whose music and whereabouts. Duncan’s passion for his longtime girlfriend, Annie, let, however, verb. The curator puts all of her energy into the local Museum, one of Duncan’s enthusiasm for Crowe, the child is annoyed lots of Enddreißigerin for a long time.

This makes Annie one day, on the blog page of the fan club clearly, as you verreißt a newly surfaced Crowe-recording with the title “Juliet, Naked”. Prompt you will receive an email from Crowe himself, agrees with her. And a hot, TRANS-Atlantic, Online friendship, the life of the Three on the head begins.

Nick Hornby’s fictional characters will be with him older

With music, warm-heartedness and Humor to American Director Jesse Peretz has filmed this hilarious and touching love story.

continuation of the cult series, Comes Walter White soon to the cinema? The “Breaking Bad”movie is in the planning

Already in the family Comedy “Our Idiot Brother” (2011) three sisters and their annoying brother he had combines situational Comedy with thoughtful moments.

“Juliet, Naked”, the sixth novel by the British best-selling author Nick Hornby, is the perfect fabric for Peretz. With “High Fidelity” (book 1995, Film 2000) Hornby delves into the world of pop music and fan bases. Now his characters are a little older, in relationships and Jobs, although passion and romance have long ago dissipated. Hornby’s typical loose-mocking tone to put the main cast is wonderful.

“Juliet, Naked” is a lovable, feel-good cinema

The Australian-born Rose Byrne plays Annie with all the facets of love, frustration to passionate curiosity.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”, Freddy Mercury and Queen delight of millions – this Time on the big screen

The Irish actor Chris O’dowd (“bridesmaids”) is wonderful as the annoying, fanatical Duncan, while Hawke gives the self-doubting Tucker Crowe warmth and charm.

“Juliet, Naked” is not a ditzy Romance. Annie, Duncan and Crowe, with their endearing quirks, life fears of love and frustration are instead characters, like real life, a ravishing Comedy to make you Smile, Mitzittern and to Think.

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