14. November 1998, on a dreary, rainy Saturday. Shortly after 12 noon on a Lufthansa jet takes off from the Munich airport and to Istanbul. On Board of LH 3532, accompanied by three police officers in civil: the 14-year-old Muhlis Ari, a nationwide known under his official protection of the name Mehmet. The Munich-born, and in the district of Neuperlach-raised Young will be deported without his parents in Turkey. The day before the Federal constitutional court has given the green light to the spectacular action.

Up to 14. Birthday more than 60 offences

With the expulsion of Mehmet, the up to his 14. Age had committed 60 crimes of violence, thefts, and extortions, ended a tumultuous Chapter of German legal history. The case was the police, the judiciary and policy unimagined challenges, he split the company. While the state accused to respond much to hard, outraged others cheered the expulsion of the “Terror child”, whose Criminal record was a good 1000 pages thick.

“Would turn the clock on love back”

Muhlis Ari strikes, 20 years after his exile from Germany in an exclusive interview with FOCUS Online conciliatory tones: “I was a kid, that was on a completely wrong path and large crap.” The now 34-Year-old claimed: “Today, I am a Mature adult who regrets the mistakes of his Childhood deeply.” They would prefer to “turn the clock back and once more than ten years of Muhlis Ari, and not Mehmet’t even start”.

survey: How safe do you feel in Germany?

robbed, In retrospect, he’s sorry, and that he was beaten innocent people, and tortured. “I want to apologize to all my Victims, and I hope that you are well today. If a victim reports to me, I would invite it in the Turkey and try to make up for what I can make up for it today.“

a radical change or just lip service?

the German Public will take such statements extremely skeptical, is likely to be Mehmet clear. Several times already he had claimed to have renounced violence and to be a law-abiding person – but mostly it was lip service. In October 2013, a court in Antalya sentenced him for aggravated robbery and deprivation of freedom to eleven and a half years in prison. Because Mehmet lodged an appeal and the matter is not yet finally decided, is to today free.

discomfort is likely to have a lot of people remember * autobiography of 2013, in which the Ex-serial killer portrayed as the victims of German crime-fighter: “I have been persecuted viciously.” At the same time, the “horrors of Neuperlach mocked” all those who he had harassed once. As a FOCUS, the corresponding book passages made Online at the time publication came up, hundreds of mostly outraged reader comments.

wishes for the Future: marriage, family, a Munich beer garden

it Says Mehmet this time, seriously? “I was thinking of getting married in the near future. I wish me a family of my own with children,“ he told FOCUS Online. Asked about his future plans, he said: “I feel in the Turkey extremely well, but would have to spend at least part of the year in the long term, like back in Germany.” As before, he was “with friends from Munich” in close contact. “I am a” Münchner Kindl ” and will remain so forever.” He often dream of it, “to sit in a Munich beer garden, and once again the beautiful Bavarian meal”.

dpa series non-offenders Mehmet in April 2001, before the Bavarian administrative court “It is desirable to be a Mehmet”

in the event that he is allowed to re-enter his home country, announced Mehmet and his lawyer Burkhard Benecken from Marl is the creation of a Initiative. You mean “Formidable against violence”. Mehmet to FOCUS Online: “I would like to reach out to young people nowadays, in Germany, the same or similar error as I was, and would like to help you to avoid a career like mine. I want to tell you: It is not desirable to be a Mehmet.“

upon his return to Germany in the prison

a lawyer Benecken waits believes in a return of Muhlis Ari to Germany. A “overheated debate as 20 years ago” is not going to give it, thinks the lawyer. “If I want to get for a not-so-well-known Turkish clients with the same output location for a tourist visa to Germany, this is usually not a problem.”

Benecken announced that Mehmet would be willing to a in Germany has imposed a prison sentence against him. “Muhlis Ari has expressly declared ready for his sentence to serve.” He was sentenced in 2005 after his brief return to Germany, a Munich court to 18 months in prison because he had beaten up his parents and blackmailed. The penalty Muhlis Ari did not, however, but continued in Turkey, where he lives until today. Bavaria’s interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) had argued in the past strongly opposed to a return of the former serial offender: “don’t want Mehmet here.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit sense of security of the citizens is as good as never since the Grand coalition-the beginning – also in women


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