8/10 for the Brach

glance. In this quite residential neighbourhood of the capital, the Brach is a figure of appearance. This former postal sorting provides a facade largely glazed, and refreshed by the greenery, which contrasts with its fantasy on the boring buildings post-haussmannian neighbors. Of young men, a little over-excited, in basketball, pants “chino” and a polo shirt, come to our meeting in the street, ask us our name and we announce with enthusiasm at the reception… Which is located on the first floor. A small bond on the lift the lobby is reached. A universe ethnic where the leg of the in-house designer, Philippe Starck, we’ll be crushed in its rich decoration. A boy at the nondescript foreign accent, so chic, overwhelms us questions, about our health, our morale and our projects… It is friendly but a bit annoying. The tone of the institution is given: breaking the codes of the traditional hotel for access to the world of trendiness. It is customers but it’s clear that everyone is redoubling its efforts to treat us… As friends.

7/10 The situation

In a broad street at the corner with the street of the Pump, the famous street of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, we are at la Muette, near the avenue Georges Mandel, which leads to the Trocadéro. It is well placed but still a little off-center compared to the rest of the city. Served by only one subway line, station “street of the Pump”.

9/10 The deco

What is annoying with Philippe Starck, it is that one wants to rip down the statue of the commander. Have fun scratching the pope, undisputed in the design world, the author of a number of icons of the contemporary furniture. You are tracking the fault … But this will be for another time. Frankly, the decoration of this hotel, of which he is the author, is almost – a no-fault, controlled with a sense of measure and taste amazing. It would take a book to describe in detail the art of mixing shapes, colors and ideas which have so little in common. The lobby, with its painted ceiling is stunning. Everything works wonderfully. Including the dark corridors, but if rightly informed, which lead to the rooms in a half-light mysterious.

gdelaubier 8/10 The rooms

They are the number of 43 (of which 3 are suites), all lit by large vertical windows, very high ceiling, lined with wood of a laie marble gross and slate preserves consistency. Mirrors everywhere, Quasimodo would be unfortunate, furniture especially comfortable, and books scattered here and there, add to the effect zen of our box. On a cornice of beautifully light, masks, etchings, photographs bring a touch of the exotic. It nearby with Out of Africa, but in terms of comfort, we get away from it. For the musical atmosphere, for example, five soundtracks are available with one press of a discreet little button, prevents that we are angry with the Bluetooth connection to her phone. The bathrooms are very successful, with two showers side by side, oh! sexy. What is less clear, it is the single USB socket at the foot of the bed and a floor lamp shelf. It’s not enough. The wifi is flawed. Back in the savanna: we jump from one network to the other like a gazelle. Boring. In our room, n°43, two chairs are clearly too much (a room for two not for four), the couch would suffice, and the whole respirerait better. With the Loewe television, the top, and access to the channels. We were spared from too much multiple choice, but lack Channel + or Netflix, or a small choice of films, it is still in a five-star hotel and it is raining also in the 16th.

9/10 with The service, equipment

The sports club is the pride of the hotel. It includes, in the basement with a swimming pool of 22m X 6, a hammam (soil poorly designed one wades in the water), a sauna, a cave in the salt for a full of iodine and a basin-hot water jacuzzi. The fitness room is impressive. It is needed since open to the outside, the club can accommodate up to 1000 members. They are currently 800 registered, but, by a small miracle of the agenda, there is a good distribution of flows and the guests of the hotel can believe that -almost – home. As it only has the right to use the swimming pool, 24h/24h. Unique in Paris, it seems. A small dip at 5 in the morning? “We want our customers to be free, without time constraints and does what she wants”, argues the director-general of the Brach, Emmanuel Sauvage. This is what is called a ” move from words to acts.

8/10 At the table and at the bar

This is the other big spot of the Brach. Its restaurant and bar. A deco upscale canteen trend, a talented dj, a staff ultra young in basketball, but who dresses like he wants Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (be careful not to ask for some bread to a customer that you would need for a server!). The Brach has succeeded in its coup. The table, swept up in the exotic flavors by the very talented Adam Bentalah is always packed. Noisy, restless, inventive, and… Very expensive (for dinner, expect to spend between 70€ and 100€), all it needs to be plugged in. The clientele of the area dominates, and love the atmosphere “frendly” to such an extent that in six months the restaurant became “the place to be” on the 16th. In a commendable effort, one of our interlocutors even goes so far as to compare the effect Brach on the district “to what happened in London with Nothing Hill…”. A communication appealing. We will still correct: Portobello Road is very far away from the street of The Pump… And not just in distance.

6/10 The price – quality ratio

From 500€ to 700€ (excluding suite). We prefer the lower range to straddle this hotel, which is lived as an experience.


1-7 rue Jean Richepin (Paris 16e ). Tel.: ; www.brachparis.com


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