9/10 for the Gasthof Post

a glance. In the chic austrian resort of Lech, in the heart of the Voralberg, this former post house that has kept all its seal is an integral part of the landscape. In front of the shop, one notices immediately its classical facade and colourful, its wide terrace elegant and casual with its counter in the open air. You push the front door and one enters an authentic decor. It changes almost of a century. No music blaring. Waitresses apron green. And white blouse, very Julie Andrews. To the right is the reception where we welcome you with the smile. Woodwork, fireplaces, carved furniture, hunting trophies and works of art on the walls. For the non-Germanic, and the conversation will take place in English. Your Harraps. But the director speaks fluent French. A calm good-natured reign upon arrival. We feel that bling-bling has not here the freedom of the city. Even the children don’t shout. Dogs are welcome. Do not rely on the family Moosburger, who runs the Gasthof Post from 1937 to run after the fashion. This wisdom is the true luxury. A goat stuffed throne at the entrance of the bar. It also has the air of being at home. It is not for nothing that one is in a Relais et Châteaux.

9/10 The situation

Winter, two of the tracks, just in front of the lifts, next departures of bus, not far from the famous shopping Strolz (for the skiing). In the summer, two not also multiple hiking trails and near a golf course. The place is a practice! You can do everything on foot. From whichever side one turns, the peaks stand with majesty. On the road, horse-drawn carriages carry tourists, amazed by the grandeur of the show. At the limit, one can easily imagine that the inhabitants indicate the path to leisure travelers by being compared to the Gasthof Post. Two and a half hours drive from Zurich airport. The relative isolation of the village allows him to preserve the quality of its customer base. Sometimes, in winter, Lech found himself cut off from the world. It does not last, and the locals seem to be regulars.

8/10 The design

Classic seamless. There is wood everywhere. Large tiled stoves, reminiscent of a strong tradition. Old paintings are hung in the hallways. The key ring in leather are adorned with a medallion gilded, representing the head of a horse. The tones are in the red, into the green. A modern has been added to the rear that blends discreetly into the local architecture. Difficult to find a lack of taste.

9/10 The rooms

there are 48, plus two private cottages. One had been rented by Medvedev, which required fifty persons for the safety. A princely family stays there regularly. We recommend the following Kaiser, which is announced by a double door flanked by two armchairs. Inside, the impression of space and light dominates with its vast living room, its long table, its wooden beams on the ceiling, his bear skin, his giant screen of the Loewe, which is hidden by a tapestry, sliding (fifty channels, including Arte and France 24), bed as big as a tennis court with her big quilts roses. The curtains are white linen or heavy tweed. The tub is deep as the gorges du Verdon. The shower is so spacious that one would remain there for hours. The products are L’occitane, which makes us very proud. Dvd player, cd and radio. The windows look out on grassy slopes or snow-covered. A terrace allows for sunbathing. The shelves are lined with volumes that have been visibly read. The lamps are so numerous and sophisticated that we don’t always know how to turn off all.

Lehmann Herbert 9/10 The service, equipment

The modern version of the institution. We do not know just where to head. The spa extends over three floors, covers 1000 square meters. The children have their swimming pool. An outdoor pool is heated to 21° and allows you to swim in the middle of postcards in technicolor. Sauna and steam room, of course. Care multiple are available. People greet each other, in their white bathrobe. In the basement, the luxury shops offer a whole bunch of goods. In the winter, a service that takes care of waxing the skis, clean the shoes. A pity that the days have only 24 hours.

8/10 At the table and at the bar

Three restaurants of various sizes. A small lounge serves as the fondue. Another offers tasting menus. The great room has a life of glass in the cinemascope framing of twilight anthology. The service is both discreet and caring. Entire families enjoyed the local dishes in a friendly atmosphere. An oxygen-civilized to circulate between the tables. A couple of lovers drink deep – one wonders why? Here, the kitchen does not seek the fusion to fourteen hours. For the wines, to fall back with philosophy on the bottles stamped Moosburger, who are good company: white wines that are almost green. They accompany it with the tip of the fish listed on the card. Before or after dinner, the bravest gather in the bar, on stools or on benches. The beer foam in the glass.

9/10 The quality for the price

from 300 € the single room and 500 € for the double, this is not out of the price. Count at least € 700 for an apartment, € 900 for a suite and $ 1500 for the suite Kaiser.

Gasthof Post Lech

Post Lech, Dorf 11, 6764, Lech am Arlberg, Austria. Tel: +4355 83-22 06-0 and www.postlech.com


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