7/10 for the Room Mate Gerard

The glance – “Rom, Mate Hotel” is a brand Spanish which is inspired by the “room mate” English or american roommate for a room in an apartment whose living room and kitchen are shared. The idea of this new teaching is, therefore, to create a more relaxed atmosphere with a luxury four-star hotel. Because despite everything, this is a hotel, with his performances classics: the reception, the room service, the housekeeping in the rooms. The brand offers five hotels in Barcelona, Room mate Anna and her Room mate Carla, but also Emma, Pau and Gerard, frequented especially by tourists between 30 and 60 years, in search of a contemporary décor.

9/10 The situation

Each hotel has a name, and each name tells a different story. The building of “Gerard” is more masculine, more sober and perfectly located in this district of Barcelona constructed in the early Twentieth century, in the great years of the Catalan capital. It is not too far from the historic centre, enjoying the peace and quiet of an elegant, residential neighbourhood. The tapas bars and the nicest restaurants are a five-minute walk, if one does not want to go further and get into a taxi. In Barcelona, Uber has been forbidden, and only the taxis of the city are authorized, fortunately enough.

7/10 decoration

The building was renovated and opened in 2017. Just after the lock of the entrance, it falls on the model in wax of a girl sitting, with arms raised and face ecstatic of the fêtarde. On her arm, she has tattooed “fuck regular life”. What décoincer the atmosphere. Despite this introduction to turbulent, the hotel has nothing very crazy. We can wait a little further, in benches and comfortable sofas. On the coffee tables “coffee table books” are installed everywhere. This is one of the ways to highlight the next “apartment shared”. Behind this first zone of comfort, you have access to a “honnesty bar”, which offers sodas, beer and some strong alcohol. It is up to you to specify what were your drinks on a small card. Second illustration of the principle of the hotel where you are invited to be “at home”. This corner is little used, and it is one of the pleasant places to work in a less confined than that of your room.

Martin MENDEZ / Ludovic MAGNOUX 6/10 The rooms

The 66 rooms, very contemporary are spread over four floors. Some do not have views of the street, as the 207 we had during a week-very busy. To avoid the side stuffy, a window opens on the inner courtyard around which are distributed rooms, and elevators. In general, you may want to close the curtain, unless you have decided to see who takes the elevator to the second floor. The music is omnipresent and when you enter your room, you have the impression of being in a lounge bar. Fortunately, you can mute the sound. The architect and decorator have chosen a very sober, concrete and grey colors prevail on the common portions, the toilet is in the same spirit, with earthenware black. All in all, we do not find in the rooms, the warmth which one might expect. We are still in the sketch of a modern hotel, with tv screen.

5/10 At the table and at the bar

The hotel offers no restaurant, but there are excellent tapas bars in the area. The breakfast room, which is open until noon, which is great for sleepers. Three magnificent tropical plants brighten the room, the cutlery and the cups were mismatched to give enhance the feeling of informality. The breakfast is plentiful, even if one has experienced the best scrambled eggs. On the top floor you will find a roof built in bar, lounge chairs, and mini-swimming pool to cool off during the season very hot. Many hotels offer these “roofs tops” in Barcelona, and this one, like the others, is not open in the evening from the months of June and until September. It is accessible to the rest of the year as during the day.

6/10 The services, equipment

The reception is very friendly and efficient. But there is no sauna or spa and not a massage parlor. And in The basement there is a mini-gym and meeting rooms.

7/10 The price – quality ratio

we announced a tariff for rooms between 150 and 220 € 12,95€ the breakfast. If you have a view on the street, it is a correct price. The floor price of a standard room can drop to around 100€ in low season.

Room Mate Gerard

Carrer d Ausiàs Marc, 34, Barcelona. tel: + 34 931 82 80 31; www.room-matehotels.com


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