8/10 The look

When you enter the lobby of the Intercontinental Grand Hotel of Bordeaux, the feeling of being a little out of the time we win soon. The size of the place, the majesty of the exposed stone, the decor of Lights and perspective are great, including the glass roof of the Orangery is a kind of apotheosis, print on the visitor something unique. Of course there is a bit of a pastiche, interior decorator home, Jacques Garcia, has sometimes had the hand a little heavy, but the whole, formed of three beautiful mansions of the Eighteenth century, is beautifully laid out.

Under the leadership of the very charismatic Thomas Bourdois, director enthusiastic, the hotel which was a little forgotten in the years 2000, experienced its golden age. With Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen and a staff at the top, this mastodon remains in the race, at a time when the city is undergoing a development of luxury hospitality unparalleled.

6/10 The deco

Jacques Garcia, a lover of lounging in the Second Empire covered the hotel of his paw colorful: red velvet, grotesques, and other ornaments, on wallpapers, carpets in generous grounds. A set of Napoleon III which has its charm but that is no longer quite in tune with the times. With a lot of intelligence and taste, the hotel stands out little by little from the bombastic style and explores the set with lightness. Exit curtains froufrouteux, the heavy furniture of the lobby and the seats of crimson velvet. With the blessing of this master of French decor, the colors of the walls to pass of wine to a gray castle, that new light makes it magical.

8/10 The rooms

the Side room, to the number of 130, including 16 suites families and 28 suites, they give, for the more pleasant, on the Great Theatre of Bordeaux, an icon of the city. Others have the view on the streets adjacent to the beautiful architecture. The hotel continues its renovation, 30 rooms feature new hues, sleek furniture and lighting softened. This improvement will continue with the opening of 12 additional rooms, by the end of 2020, set in a wing of the building was regained.

At the top of the equipment, it is in a five-star hotel, each room multiply the good surprises. Ours, n°344, wrapped in a cloth in trompe-l’oeil, imitating a perfectly draped Empire. In order for the illusion to be perfect, a light timer, the atmosphere, and plays on the shadows and reliefs. The king size bed lines the bottom of the chamber surmounted by a jerk of fabric and tensioned canopy. Two corner cupboards for night tables, heavy lined curtains and a generous trimmings complete the set… A small living room form a vestibule with a pedestal table in mahogany, on a chaise lounge, a desk and a sofa the color of caramel that can accommodate children. Two large rectangular bays open out on to the street, and a sketch of the rooftops of Bordeaux.

ghb 9/10 The services, equipment

Guerlain invests the new spa, fully redecorated and refurbished around his indoor swimming pool (opening the first of may), and featuring, among a few others, to a cabin called “Metamorphosis”. A new place multisoins where in one hour thirty one spring totally revamped by an army of small hands, manicure, hairdresser, makeup artist and masseuse. Just ready for a dinner in his best shape. Extended to a rooftop, which offers one of the most beautiful views in Bordeaux (with restore point), the new entity is the great event of the spring.

9/10 At the table and at the bar

Gordon Ramsay remains at the controls of the Press of Money, crowned with two macarons Michelin. The English chef, which is split between London and Bordeaux, has just renewed his entourage and rejuvenate its aid. Anthony David, a thirty-year-old talented, trained at the school of Ducasse, is now the executive chef of the restaurant. And since a few days, a pastry chef from the age of 29, Alexander Oliver, the second side candy. A surname that is not without resonance in the universe of French gastronomy since the sémillant young man is none other than the great-grandson of Raymond Oliver, the first head-publicized in France, in 50 years, a long time three-michelin-starred at Grand Véfour in Paris. This beautiful world in the kitchen reigns on the other tables of the hotel, Bordeaux, street-side brasserie, with a view of the Grand Theatre, and the Orangery, like a tea room, nothing intimate, nestled under the glass roof of the lobby.

7/10 The price – quality ratio

Outside we do not sleep here below 250 € and in high season it can reach 800€ on the highest occupancy rate, but it all depends on the comfort level of the room. Overall, it is prudent not to exceed€ 500, the price is right, according to us, to the level of competition in bordeaux.

Intercontinental Grand Hotel de Bordeaux

2 – 5 Place de la Comédie 33000 Bordeaux? 05 57 30 44 44 . https://bordeaux.intercontinental.com


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