10/10 for the Intercontinental Lyon-Hôtel Dieu

When the car is sliding on the narrow ramp, in the phrase of the wide sidewalk, quai Jules-Courmont, the magic and the heart aches. We are at the foot of one of the most beautiful French buildings of the Eighteenth century, the hôtel-Dieu, the facade of which is 360 m long, capped with a dome of 32 meters, is the work of Soufflot, the architect of the Pantheon in Paris. Strapped in small jackets of velvet blue, a stylish staff comes to the meeting of the vehicle, such as dragonflies. One enters under a good escort in the center of the hotel. To the left and to the right, characteristic places, two lobbies serve the two wings of the same hotel. The architecture is a masterpiece of classicism to the French, and the emperor Joseph II of Austria spoke “as a magnificent temple”. Mixture of material and hot dishes such as the Burgundy stone and silk, two of the breasts of Lyon, town of mineral and the cradle of the industry of beautiful fabrics.

10/10 The situation

The hotel is situated on the quai of the Rhône river, a few hundred meters from the Place Bellecour, where you can win the Vieux Lyon, the historic center of the city and point of departure of the bulk of the transport.

10/10 The deco

to Jean-Philippe Nuel, who managed a master-stroke, with the Bar of the Dome, may be in the process of becoming one of the most beautiful hotels in the world. Installed under the dome of stone, crowned by a baluster in suspension, the bar has taken place in a room monumental carved decoration, the purest Eighteenth century. On a ground in the diamond pattern, the decorator has installed benches in ellipse blue night, enhanced by cushions in old gold. In this same vein of luxury humble” in the words of Jean-Philippe Nuel, a style ultrachic irrigates the corridors of the rooms of this building archi protected by the administration of historical monuments.

10/10 The rooms

there are 144 of which 34 are suites, with 28 of them, a ceiling height of 7 meters (and the curtains of the same size…). Of great sobriety, the room gives pride of place to noble materials with large vertical panels of silk in lyons, interspersed with beveled mirrors. The bed, the head of which high have to be reminded of were those of the hospices of the Enlightenment, took place in front of a bay huge plunges into the agitated waters of the Rhone. That all this is beautiful! Side equipment, the room holds the promise of a five star hotel, with en suite bathrooms equipped with shower (with a bench), and large soaking tubs. With the press of a single button, the huge curtain opens on the sight of the town, whose agitation is silent, thanks to a isolation sound outstanding.

Eric Cuvellier 9/10 The service, equipment

The Spa “Tiger”, equipped with three cabins (products Deep Kind) which a double, is located a little outside of the hotel, but all in all the Hotel-Dieu. We go through a passageway of the Seventeenth century, along the courtyards. A charming boardwalk, but that deprives us of the opportunity to go there in a bathrobe… A fitness center nearby is available 24h/24… Good to know for those who would like to deal with insomnia…

10/10 At the table and at the bar

The restaurant Epona is, interior decoration, splendor, wide hall extended the full length of the building, floor of stone, wooden beams, furniture in cooked brown and white. Its center, structured by levees and straight, lighted up with lamps-sconces in bisque porcelain, that fall in a chain and in which the shade remind us by their shape, the cuff of the Hospital. On the cuisine side, chef Mathieu Charrois, former Troisgros, in particular, directs the Epona table, which bears the name of a goddess of the gauls travellers. This does not prevent its cuisine to be very contemporary, with some finds, such as the K nelle, current version of the famous quenelle sauce Nantua, a well-known Lyon. Another delight, the Tarta praline, a modern version of the famous praline cake, usually so sweet, but this time cleverly lightened by the employment of a cream from Bresse (lunch menu at 29€, the evening a la carte about 50€)

10/10 for The report quality-price

Of 295€ to 450€ (excluding suite) highly. The beauty of the place, the abundance of staff (150 people), chic decor, make this last-born of the luxury hotels just as exceptional as inevitable.

Intercontinental Hotel Lyon-Hôtel Dieu.

20 quai Jules Courmont Lyon (2nd). Tel.: and lyon.intercontinental.com


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