9/10 For the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

glance – We win the lobby as the altar of a cathedral. A monumental staircase, a wide but fairly steep box column, in a riot of marble, you leads to it. A host of concierges, bellmen and bell-hops, each one strapped into her uniform and make a hedge of smiles benevolent. The tone of this very special hotel is given. A luxurious but not ostentatious or a certain relaxation around a top-notch service. The decor and especially the location do the rest. The hotel is the only one to provide on Hyde Park and to benefit from an opening on the most beautiful garden in London. A royal privilege granted by the queen. An entry is even reserved. Rest for the customers, with a magical view on the park and a terrace where breakfast, along the allée cavalier.

9/10 The situation

On Knightsbridge, the avenue which leads from Hyde Park Corner (at the back of Buckingham Palace), up to Kensington Road. It is not far from Sloane Street, one of the most famous streets dedicated to luxury shopping in London. Major hotels, department stores, and the museums of South Kensington (Victoria and Albert Museum) are within reach of walk as well as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. A privileged location in the capital.

8/10 The decor

The decorator house, Joyce Wang, widespread in all rooms and in the common parts for the echo of Hyde Park. We find an evocation of the aisles of the riders, clean lines on the ceilings. The texture of the bark of birch trees, worked in a cork golden, on the walls, is not without recalling the vegetation of the park. The whole, not very successful, gives the hotel a lot of peace of mind. A feat, because if the garden side there is a large bath of chlorophyll, on the city side, on Knightsbridge, it is just the opposite. The vehicular traffic and the pedestrian crazy. The lobby is warm and the “tea-room” in its extension, have a delicious side club used where there is silence and comfort.

MB 9/10 The rooms

The number of 141, including 40 suites, with very comfortable furniture, a deco inspired by the years 30-50, marble bathrooms, and basic amenities such as a Nespresso. The rooms, which overlook Hyde Park, are obviously the most pleasant. We see passing in the morning mist the horsemen of the Queen, who will join the stables of Buckingham Palace. Some of the suites are on the top floor with an exceptional view above the rainforest canopy, overlooking a sea of greenery. A “butler” is available to all a series of small in-room services such as a dry cleaner so much faster than he is home.

10/10 The services, equipment

This is one of the strong points of the hotel with a large spa in the basement, with a pool of 20 meters in aluminum. In each locker room, men and women, a basin, a jacuzzi, a sauna and a steam room. The sofa beds of the relaxation room, articulated electrically, are equipped with USB jack to charge his phone while it is charging the battery… Well seen. Nec-plus-ultra ” of the service, a courtesy vehicle is available with driver, managed by a team of concierges experienced whose field of action seems endless as they seem to know everything. One of them, François-Xavier, is this for a quarter of a century!

9/10 At the table, at the bar

The Mandarin Oriental is home to the ground-floor Diner, a restaurant with two Michelin stars, led by Heston Blumenthal. The chef serves a cuisine is enhanced by a service that is relaxed and good-natured that there was nothing bombastic. We can even, privilege, rare for this type of establishment, offer a portion of chips to share as it pecks the tip of your fingers… The decor of the place is a little bland but the view of Hyde Park saves the whole. And the cuisine is simply outstanding. Another universe in the second restaurant of the Mandarin restaurant, the Bar Boulud, brasserie lyonnaise, with its generous proportions animated by Daniel Boulud. This leader became known in New York, opening her own restaurant Daniel in 1993, which had been awarded 3-Michelin stars in 2009. Just as casual as the Dinner the other table is still more user-friendly, you can even dine at the counter of the bar, and very trendy in London. On the price side, count around 40€ at Boulud and 100€ minimum for the Dinner.

The report quality-price

The hotel industry in london is expensive. In the luxury hotels even more. The Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is no exception in displaying a fare that ranges between 850€ and 1200€ off on.

66, Knightsbridge, London SW1X. Tel.: and https://www.mandarinoriental.com/london/hyde-park


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