8/10 for the Shangri-La

a glance. A little back from the avenue d’iéna we enter The Shangri-la, as in a belle-epoque décor. Marble and gilding, wooden / parquet floor that creaks, ambience, fleecy material, here we are in what was the residence in paris of prince Roland Bonaparte at the turn of the Nineteenth and Twentieth century. It is the spirit of this timeless place which has known beyond a restoration perfect, save the spirit of a parisian building very exclusive. When one enters the scene, we only see this huge monumental entrance, and advancing a little, one discovers a concierge desk and a desk a bit away from the solemnity of the scene. The tone is given, that of a hotel not quite like the others where discretion is the true luxury.

10/10 The situation

To two steps from the Trocadero, the Eiffel Tower, the Golden Triangle but also in removing a certain agitation, without being in a street sad, but on the contrary, in a avenue light. Difficult to find a better location in Paris. In each room a guide tourist home, rather well done, highly illustrated, on the inventory of what there is to see nearby. A beautiful initiative.

8/10 The decor

Pierre-Yves Rochon, who is not at his first decoration of the hotel (including some Sofitel), has played here on several shades of gray, with comfortable furniture and modern, in part inspired by the years 50 a nothing something oriental. A very zen like in the michelin-starred restaurant The Bee, where a clever large mirror to give depth and opens onto a small garden to the French, in the course of restoration. The common areas are conspicuous by a total absence of ostentation in favor of a certain intimacy, like the bar housed in a former smokehouse, the Prince, the universe is very masculine.

Shangri-8/10 The rooms

The number of a hundred, very cocooning, in a shade of beige, on top of comfort and luxury. It is necessary to focus on those that give side the Seine. They offer, in the image of the 701, so-called “Suite Shangri-La”, an incredible view on Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Without a doubt, the most beautiful view of paris hotel on the capital. Perched on a hillside, at the base of the 7th arrondissement, you’ll discover a Paris that you don’t usually see. With a view on the particular hotel of Gustave Eiffel, and in the near horizon, the Military School, the Invalides Dome, the bell tower of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Notre Dame, Beaubourg… binoculars are placed on the desktop to see it more closely. The eye can hardly leave such a sight.

7/10 The service, equipment

The spa is superb with a large pool, almost hollywood, one of the largest of the parisian hotel industry. Conversely, the steam room, installed in each dressing room is without doubt one of the smallest of the capital…

8/10 At the table and at the bar

Two-starred on three restaurants within the same institution, this is rather a good sign. The Bee, two Michelin stars, led by Christophe Moret has kept, despite its fame, a part of intimacy that goes well (menu 350€). The Chang, the two Michelin stars, is the only chinese restaurant with a michelin-starred in Paris. Under the dome, built by Gustave Eiffel for the prince Roland Bonaparte, has housed the Bauhinia, the address brewery and snacks at The Shangri-la. More affordable, it is to be regretted, however, the evening lighting is a disaster.

6/10 The price – quality ratio

700€ to 1500€ is the price of excellence for the rooms, but when it comes to investing one of the 36 suites of the hotel are at record highs. It will be understood this is not the hotel that it needs to choose to to save money, even if the service is not always at the rendezvous.


10, avenue d’iéna (Paris – 16e), tel: and www.shangri-la.com


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