in Addition to the limited range and the recharge time is high, the low density of facilities is one of the main barriers to the development of electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid. Not to mention the hassle that represents, at each time, the output of the load cables.

BMW has taken the lead in proposing the world’s first charging it by induction. This system is reserved for the moment, the 530th, the 5 Series plug-in hybrid, is expected to extend to other models of the range next year. This system facilitates the operations of load of the battery, relieving him of the use of cables. It includes a sheet of 45 kg placed on the floor and connected to a power supply and a receiver installed under the engine (+ 900 €). The device produces a magnetic field of 3.2 kW. To operate, the Series 5 must be accompanied by the option Navigation Professional, invoiced 1 150 €. This equipment connects by Wi-Fi the car with the plate enables the guide of the 530th to the top of the plate. It is particularly simple to use. The driver only has to be guided by the directions displayed on the central screen. It has a margin of 70 mm in length and 140 mm in width. On the central screen of the car, an aerial view allows you to connect the two devices.

The cameras guide you to place the vehicle at the top of the plate. Tom Kirkpatrick

It will still add 1 500 to 2 000 euros for the operations of checking the state of the network and the installation. As to the plaque, it will be offered as rentals at a rate not yet defined. It takes 3: 30 to recharge the battery of 9.2 kWh with an efficiency rate of 85 %. Companies should be sensitive to this system. In the context of a park with several 530th, the induction plate could be shared. To accelerate the diffusion of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, this device should be encouraged. Many studies and testimonies, it is clear that many owners of plug-in hybrid vehicles will balk at the charge, deeming the operation too complicated.

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