He took advantage of the helpfulness of other people, in order to Finance even a luxurious life In Spain, a father has been sentenced to five years in prison, because he invested for his supposedly ill daughter collected donations in luxury watches and travel. The girl’s mother was sentenced on Wednesday by a court in the Catalan city of Lleida because of serious fraud to the three and a half years in prison.

in The case of a genetic disease, suffering Nadia Nerea had moved to Spain, as her 53-year-old father Fernando Blanco of a TV talk show to the next, travelled, and donations asked for. So he wanted to allow his allegedly death-threatened child, after life-saving surgery in a hospital in Houston, Texas.

Fatal genetic defect specified, 422.000 euros in donations USA collected, Despite a $ 400,000 donation to homeless, because his assistants don’t want to give him his money

Doctors had said Blanco after his shield, his daughter will die of the genetic disease Trichothiodystrophie. He visited specialists around the world to find a cure for his daughter.

newspaper searches did not bring the end of 2016, finally revealed the alleged the hospital in Houston did not exist, there were experts in the travel medicine and Nadia was not in danger of their lives. Blanco was arrested as he tried to escape a police control near the French border.

investigation revealed that he had spent of 422,000 euros in donations, had collected his Foundation since 2014, only 20,000 for his daughter. The Rest of it went to rent Homes, expensive cars, luxury watches, and Hotels.

mod / AFP


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