This is not a time to hang out outside. It rains in big drops on Maranello and the temperature is autumnal. However, a sign that the firm to the prancing horse, has all the alchemy of a legend she has become, almost 2,000 collectors and enthusiasts around the world are meeting this week in the small town of Emilia-Romagna to discover the last-born of the supercars of Ferrari. And for the first time since the birth, in 1984, the 288 GTO, of the family of pure-blood edited in a limited series, a few journalists handpicked are invited to attend. Nobody would the event.

For this new car, a symbol of the ongoing revolution, the Italian manufacturer has put the small dishes in the large by erecting an ephemeral structure on the Fiorano race track, a few meters from the house where Enzo Ferrari liked to have a rest and follow the great prize of Formula 1. The brand that has really the meaning of the mise en scene presents the second of the five novelties of the season in a huge room designed like the stage of an ancient theatre. The game is worth the candle. The sixth model in the series of supercars is named SF90 Stradale, as a tribute to the 90 years of the Scuderia Ferrari, the racing team founded by Enzo Ferrari to race the Alfa Romeo at the end of 20 years. A whole program.

100 km/h is achieved in 2.5 seconds, 200 km/h in 6.7 seconds. Ferrari

Before revealing the car, Louis Camilleri, the owner of the brand, do not lack to pay tribute to the champion, Niki Lauda, whose burial ceremony takes place at the same time in Austria. And continue by warning of the new car, whose first deliveries will begin in mid-2020, carries with it several revolutions. This is the first plug-in hybrid from Ferrari. Vehicle of high performance, the heir of a series of models exclusive and reserved for an elite, the SF90 Stradale expresses the state of the art and the technology in Ferrari, feeding more than ever of the competition. Even before its production, which will not be limited, this is a first for this type of berlinettes, starts, the new sports car Italian is already entered in the legend, approaching closer to the technical sophistication and the thrill of a Formula 1. He announces almost forty innovations. The SF90 is the culmination in the extreme of a philosophy inspired by Enzo Ferrari and the F40, which itself is derived from the 288 GTO.

compared to the LaFerrari (Lala) to which it succeeds in the genealogy of supercars, the SF90 Stradale presents a silhouette that is less obvious. The template is very close to its predecessor but the lines are more restrained and more elegant. The length amounted to 4.71 m, width 1.97 m and the height peaks at 1.18 m. Less complex than that of Lala, the design responds to the constraints related to the cooling of a car plug-in hybrid and aerodynamics. The team of Flavio Manzoni, has succeeded once again to go without unsightly appendages. However, the back cover houses a spoiler retractable (Gurney for DRS) that rises almost vertically and which has been the subject of a patent.

The rear is unusual with the lights are rectangular and the enormous diffuser. Ferrari

The biggest challenge for engineers was to design a car light enough to ensure performance and sensations superior to existing models in spite of the 270 kg additional of the hybridization system. Without going to a monocoque structure of carbon fiber, reserved still for the time being of the class of “hypercars”, the mass of the SF90 Stradale does not exceed 1 570 kg, thanks to a design based on aluminum and carbon fiber. Model drive the most powerful in the history with 1,000 horsepower (37 hp more than Lala), the SF90 was able to post a power to weight ratio of 1.57 kg/hp. Too bulky and too heavy, the V12 that was the berlinette’s hybrid LaFerrari is giving its place to an evolution of the V8 biturbo with direct injection of gasoline from the F8 Is. Installed very low and in the center of the car, the engine increased to 4 litres by increasing the bore is now developing 780 horsepower at 8,000 rpm. It is associated with three electric motors delivering a total of 220 horsepower. Two are installed at the front. The third making a function generator and from the experience of F1 is placed in the rear, between the engine and a new automatic transmission with double-clutch transmission with 8 reports. It allows you to make a torque of 900 Nm to the wheels. Its switching time could be further reduced by 30 % compared to the current generation. The addition of a report does not deprive the box of a gain of 7 kg on the scale compared to the current model. The system allows several strategies of conduct. Mode, zero-emission, the SF90 is driven by the two electric machines placed at the front and thus becomes a front wheel drive for 25 km and in the limit of 135 km/h. provided that the lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 7.9 kWh placed vertically between the cockpit and the V8 has enough power. Thanks to its electric propulsion, the SF90 anticipates the possible prohibition of the centre of towns and cities to cars with internal combustion engines, and meets the regulations of the most restrictive in terms of urban traffic. The orifice giving access to the charging socket of the battery is installed on the rear wing to left.

To improve the comfort of the steering, a new steering wheel made its appearance. Ferrari

In hybrid mode, the system automatically the flow of energy. When all engines are running, the SF90 is transformed into four-wheel drive. The performance reached a new level: the 100 km/h is achieved in 2.5 seconds, 200 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The top speed is set to 340 km/h and on the Fiorano race track, the SF90 is ahead of Lala of 64 metres to the end of a round to “Qualify” releasing the full power. These performances have been obtained thanks to the effectiveness of a chassis with many innovations. Not content with having improved the technology embedded in current models, the engineers have added a axle electronic front baptized RAC-E and can be used to modulate the torque between the two wheels. This system works in concert with the electronic traction ensuring an independent control of the torque, wheel by wheel. With the assistance of the oem Brembo, the braking system has been completely redesigned and is based on the technology by-wire. The stopping distance at 100 km/h has been reduced by 2 meters compared to Lala.

The revolution continues inside. To improve the comfort of the steering, a new steering wheel made its appearance. It allows you to control 80 % of the functions of the car and exemption as well to take a hand off the steering wheel. With thehead-up display, another first for Ferrari, and the instrumentation is entirely digital, you only leave now more eyes on the road. The curved screen of 16 inches and is customizable and thus allows for example to display the navigation map in a large format. Behind the two bucket seats, a space of storage space has been fitted out to accommodate a pouch, vests or jackets. The safety deposit box located at the front has a capacity of 74 litres, which is significantly higher than that of Lala. To access this sensational object which will be a date in the history of Ferrari, the makers have announced a price located between the 812 Superfast and Lala. The compilation of the information leads us to suggest that the rate of this berlinetta plug-in hybrid, which CO2 emissions should be below 100 g/km, close to 700 000 euros. The first deliveries will begin in mid-2020.

Ferrari has already planned a declination ultrasportive Assetto Fiorano for followers of the circuit. Ferrari


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