In terms of ecology, the balance sheet appears to be more important than the carbon footprint. “We’re going to make the best of the options offered by the regulation to meet the standards”, says Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). And “make the best of available options”, in the clear, this is simply for the brand to buy, and for several million euros, the fact that its CO2 emissions are taken into account in the scope of another manufacturer producing electric vehicles, which, themselves, do not produce, in this case Tesla. This association provides the flexibility to offer our customers vehicles that they are ready to buy, but they are able to meet the standards at a lower cost,” said FCA.

Bring the motorist to the “all-electric”

This bargain, perfectly legal, therefore, is to buy a right to pollute. New standards for emissions of CO2 must begin to come into force next year in the european Union, with an average of 95 grams of CO2 per km. A mechanical highly polluting will be compensated by another emit less CO2. The exceedances are punishable by heavy fines, which could reach in 2021, according to experts of the firm Jefferies cited by the Financial Times about this case, about 2 billion euros for FCA. With brands such as Jeep and Maserati, which indeed offer some beautiful cavaleries not especially sober (the CO2 emissions are correlated to the consumption), the brand’s Italian-american is ill-prepared to this deadline. In June 2018, FCA has, however, announced an investment of eur 9 billion in the electrification of its vehicles to adapt to “the rigidity that in Europe there are CO2”.

The note may prove to be also expensive for other manufacturers ill-prepared for this calendar. That is to say, all those who don’t have and sell electric vehicles, the only real way to be compliant with the new standard, the objective of which is, of course, to bring the motorist to the subject of electromobility. A few million may well continue to change the pockets between the manufacturers who are proving to be more respectful than others in terms of a regulation referred to be more binding in terms of CO2 emissions. Until the moment when the technocratic european will have to admit that the electric car pollutes the environment also, but in another way. This will be an opportunity, who knows, to levy new taxes.


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