The rallying general, the SUV seems to have dried up the creativity of the builders. Presented in Geneva last week, the Fiat Concept Centoventi brings in this universe as standard a breath of fresh air. Centoventi? This means 120, for 120 years: the age of the Italian firm. The name of its new smart cities electric sounds like a birthday.

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Fiat has long been an expert in small formats. In 1936, his first 500 Topolino is already a success. But his great triumph in the piccola, macchina arrives in 1957 with her Nuova 500. It is animated by a valiant engine, two cylinders placed in the back of a tiny body, in which is piled up this Italy feverish 1950s, if well-directed by Fellini in La Strada. Fiat will relaunch fifty years later the 500 in surfing on the wave of néorétro, like the Mini that preceded it. Available in convertible, minivan, and, of course, in the SUV, this third release was again a success.

A baby seat (in the photo) or a bag of transport for animals can be clipped onto the base of the front seat. Fiat.

The Centoventi is the opportunity for the brand to engage in an interesting exercise that anticipates the future Fiat electric. The project was conducted around one central idea: create an electric vehicle that can be sold at a rate that is comparable to that of a traditional car, or about 10 000 euros.

Change the lookau over the years

to achieve this result, the teams of Fiat have segmented accumulators, original Samsung, the component the more expensive the vehicle. The Centoventi does not include entry as a single item, providing a range of one hundred kilometres only. To go beyond distances of a close, three “racks” extra ” will be installed easily in the concession, under the floor, extending the autonomy of 300 km.

Finally, a fifth element, attachable, manipulatable by the user of the vehicle and concealed under the front passenger seat, full this Meccano. This battery is nomadic, that you can keep loaded in the trunk or roof, will the radius of maximum 500 km. Each will adjust the capacity of the batteries of his vehicle according to the distance he intends to regularly browse.

“The Concept Centoventi is a “blank canvas”. It can be painted by the customer with a choice of four roofs, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four delivered external”


the customization is The cornerstone of this prototype. “ The Concept Centoventi is a “blank canvas”. It can be painted by the customer with a choice of four roofs, four bumpers, four wheel covers and four delivered exterior “, says Fiat. A model of roof has a solar panel producing 50 watts. Subject to registration, the rear strip is intended to disseminate messages to stop. All of this gives us the certainty of never having the same car as that of his neighbor. You can also change the look of his Centoventi over the years. As soon as the launch, the purchaser should have 120 accessories to customize his own car.

Accessories”printed” in 3D With a choice of four roofs, quatrepare bumper, four wheel covers and four delivered outside the personnalisationest the keystone of this prototype . Fiat.

In Geneva, the Centoventi was equipped with four doors antagonists. But its final configuration could evolve towards two doors on the right, side floor, and one on the driver’s side. The aesthetics of the vehicle long, 3.68 m and top of 1, 53 m, is rather cubic. With a beautiful, wheelbase (distance between axles) of 2.43 m, it offers maximum interior space. This interior is reminiscent of the minimalism of a certain Panda.

This little Fiat had, at the time of its release, in 1980, created the surprise by counting. The Centoventi based on the same principle. According to Fiat, the radio could even be optional!

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Mopar, the division of the group of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) responsible for the sale of products and after-sales service, rubs his hands. No less than 114 accessories, specially designed by her for the Centoventi, will be available online and installed by the customer. Among them, an audio system, of course, but also a dashboard, more sophisticated two screens, storage (door cylinders, glove box) clinging via a system of “holes” similar to the Lego, and seat pads that can replace the foams are to be delivered in initial endowment. A baby seat as well as a shipping crate for animals also respond to the call. They clipseront on the base of the front seat, it will then be necessary to store. The most simple, such as cup holders or porte-documents can be “printed” in 3D to the home via an online catalogue. Fiat does not hide that it intends to ” make the margin on these accessories “.

Presented as “ less is more ” ( “less is more”. ), this minimalist approach will ensure without doubt an entry fee of a reasonable range. The catalogues of accessories, which it will be difficult to resist, will increase the note. But this project is well-crafted, clever and expensive, once again proves that the imagination is not a question of means, and that the ideas are always worth more than money.


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