From Finnish Lapland, is to decide to spend a different holiday. This is not to go to Mauritius or the Seychelles… Oh, well, there are a few originals few daredevils who decide to go there in the summer to enjoy the greenery, and try to interact with the mosquito mutants that haunt the 188 000 lakes in the country. But the man of taste, in search of strong sensations, will leave in the winter. At the end of January, the sun rises after 9 a.m. and sets around 15 hours.

In February or march, you can earn one or two hours of sunshine and a few degrees Celsius, but nothing too sensational: on average, there is between – 15 and – 30 °C. With the technical clothing that exist today, not what to whip a cat, provided that there is no wind: if the wind is blowing and that we do not move, you will die in a few minutes. It is a climate tonic, dry and nervous: the air is the purest in Europe, and the rare Japanese crossed with their usual masks are a pity.

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