On Monday, 3 December, the magazine France Football reveal the new winner of the Ballon d’or. A ceremony especially expected, because it could put an end to ten years of alternating between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, but also because it is a French – world Cup requires – could be sacred. Facing the trio Varane-Mbappé-Griezmann, an adversary of choice : Luka Modric, awarded best player of the world Cup, and Fifa world player of the year (” The Best Fifa Football Awards “).

“After skinning a part of the votes, the positions were : 1 – Modric, 2 – Varane, 3 – Mbappé,” assured last Friday Xavier Barret. This ex-reporter from France Football, which collaborates with RFI, RMC Sport and Canal+ International, has confirmed several times the information. “I didn’t think it would have much impact “, we he says. To The Point, Xavier Barret has taken the time to come back to the reasons of this “snapshot” of the vote that will prefigures nothing of the final result.

A mode of voting which favours the second

” To the half of the count, most of the voters put a Frenchman in the first place because they are champions of the world. But, very often, Modric is their second choice. However, the current system of voting (6 points for 1st, 4 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd) gives the jurors more options to mix and match their choice. And the mechanics of voting is that, sometimes, a player who is quoted very often in the 2nd position eventually hair several top. “

The previous The Best

” Clearly, the fact that there are seven French nominees, including six champions of the world (more than Karim Benzema), divides the voices for the contingent habs. However, the representation of the football Croatian focuses on Modric, even if Rakitic and Mandzukic could win a few votes. It is a finding that was predictable and that we had already lived with The Best, the trophy of the Fifa. Even if the mode of voting and the number of the nominees are different (10 players in the running for The Best against 30 for the Ballon d’or), Modric has won so that he was facing three French players. However, we can see that adding the results obtained by the French a world champion would have come out in head. “

Varane, just behind Modric ?

” My statement is a snapshot at mid-distance of the vote, and it may still evolve. It happened in the history of the golden Ball as the votes are counted the podium changes. It is therefore difficult to draw lessons from now on the positioning of each. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that Raphael Varane is the only player who has won the champions League and the world Cup this year. Recently, Michel Platini and Noël Le Graët said it was the most legitimate for the golden Ball. Necessarily, the voters, who are journalists, are hearing these opinions, and can take into account. “

Mbappé, the impact of the last few weeks

” During the second voting period, the Real Madrid has plummeted and Modric as Varane will necessarily suffer. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappé & Antoine Griezmann went the right services, in the national team like a club. I don’t know the differences and Modric has not yet won, it only makes the race in the lead. A Ball of gold has already been awarded as a result of performances in the weeks prior to the vote. It has been especially the case in 2001 of the English Michael Owen.

This year, Bayern Munich had won the champions League and the goalkeeper Oliver Kahn was the clear favourite. But in September, during a match of qualification to the world Cup, Germany was heavily tilted in Munich against England (5-1). Oliver Kahn had conceded five goals and Michael Owen was offered a hat-trick. This meeting has much effect on the final outcome of the vote in favour of the English. Since then, Owen has remained the youngest winner in the history of the Ballon d’or. It will still remain one more year, except if Mbappé the wins this year. “

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