The Baja, you know? It is this off-road race typically american, fought foot to the floor on the tracks of Baja California, Mexico. Well, this is it that the Ford engineers had in mind in developing this version which is very particular of their pick-up Ranger. For proof, among the five operation modes that you can select the dashboard, there is one named Baja which adapts the different parameters of the car in that conduct muscular to be far removed from that of a brave pick-up.

The automatic gearbox has 10 reports. Ford

As any Ranger who meets, the Raptor has yet a dump generous but, rather than bundles of straw, it is to be loaded with jet-skis, bikes and other gear for leisure. His creed to him, this is not the job ; it is fun!

of course, there is then a little disappointed when we turn the ignition key to hear, instead of the gurgle of a big V8, the hum of a diesel four-cylinder. Sign of the times, of course. Even if the it will be seen that associated with an automatic gearbox with no less than 10 reports, the new 2-litre bi-turbo engine house, with its 213 hp and a generous torque, did nothing wrong, even in terms of sensations. Camped on big all-terrain tires, wider 17 cm and increased to 5 cm, with wings inflated and an impressive front grille in black, the Raptor color ad. It must, however, consider to discover the changes the most interesting. At the front, the suspension elements aluminum replace steel ones, while to the rear, the leaf springs give way to a parallelogram of Watt much more sophisticated. With, cherry on the cake, Fox shock Racing pneumatic stopper, whose race is increased from 32% in the front and 18% rear.

The new 2-litre bi-turbo home develops 213 hp. Ford

taking Advantage of its ground clearance and its four-wheel drive with a gearbox and a differential lock rear, the Raptor becomes a real passe-partout. We have been able to judge length on the tracks and dunes of the moroccan South. The more surprising thing is that while it is expected that he pays this beautiful efficiency in any terrain by a behavior little rigorous on the road, there emerges, on the contrary, perfectly safe and pleasant. Pathways significantly extended help to contain body roll and suspension provide comfort unexpected on the floor in a degraded state, by abolishing the racquet, which typically affect the pick-up in these conditions. By selecting the Sport mode and moving the gears with the paddles on the steering wheel, it even takes to adopt a sporty driving style also pleasing that amazing for such a behemoth.

Posted to 56 550 €, the Raptor warrants and the full supplement of 9 600 € claimed compared to the version top of the range Wildtrak is equipped with the same engines.

the fact Remains that, only suggested in body double cabin, you will see, from the 1st July next, the bill increased the penalty for ecological now being applied to pick-up five seats. Despite a combined fuel consumption standard reasonable 8.9 l, corresponding to the emission 233 g/km of CO2, this will indeed be the maximum penalty, namely 10 500 €.

We are a little disappointed when we turn the ignition key to hear, instead of the gurgle of a big V8, the hum of a diesel four-cylinder. Ford


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