Distributed in France for the past two years, the Edge has a good shot of young. The importer took the opportunity to reduce its bid to the high-end version, the privileged so far. Exit therefore the engine of 180 hp with manual transmission. As for 210 hp with robotised gearbox, it is replaced by an evolution of 238 hp, but this time with a real eight-speed automatic transmission. It is a new diesel EcoBlue two-litre bi-turbo engine conforms to the latest emission standards, Euro 6d, and that the Edge opens. For its part, the transmission to the four wheels becomes intelligent, which, when the bond conditions are good, allows you to uncouple automatically the train back to save up to 6.5 % of fuel.

If the front of the remodeled reduces significantly its pace, the Edge is a vehicle that is imposing in respect of our european standards

combined fuel consumption standard is thus clear to 6.9 l/100 km, which translates into CO2 emissions of 180 g/km. The schedule 2019, so it is a malus ecological 7340 €, which adds up to a selling price that flirts already with templates premium. The new version ST-Line, identifiable thanks to its front grille and black wheels, is displayed to 53.500 €, or 2000 € more than the Sport version 210 hp it replaces. The luxurious finish Vignale, which is distinguished by its front grille with chrome trim, claiming, as to it, with a cheque for 56.900 €. Be as much as a BMW X3 sDrive 25d. But, unlike the German, which is present in a basic configuration, the u.s. can claim a piece of equipment that is more complete. The FordPass Connect allows for example to control his vehicle remotely from your smartphone and have a Wi-Fi hotspot in a radius of 15 meters. With the Pack Technology optional (+ 1400 € with ST-Line, + 1000 € with Vignale), one approach to the autonomous control thanks to, among others, to adaptive cruise control that reads the signs and handles the driving in traffic.

If the front of the remodeled reduces significantly its pace, the Edge is a vehicle that is imposing in respect of our european standards. With 4.83 m long, it shows, in fact, the dimensions of a Volkswagen Touareg. This allows him to offer a spacious interior for five passengers and a large trunk scales for their luggage.

steering Wheel in his hands, if the weight (more than 2.1 tons empty) imposes a degree of anticipation, the good balance of the chassis and the efficient management of the motor by the electronics and the four wheels makes the ride serene and pleasant, even on the snow. The performance figures shown are of course quite arbitrary, with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 9,6 seconds and a maximum speed of 216 km/h, but, in practice, the generous torque (500 Nm from 2,000 rpm) ensures the times may be good news. A diesel that shines, moreover, by a remarkable silence of operation and thus contributes to an excellent overall comfort.


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