there is a scent of adventure in these fragrances that burn with hints of alcohol, tobacco, and spice to warm up the winter and put the meaning in the feast. Two years ago, Comptoir Sud Pacifique gave the tone with Rum & Tobacco, which became the best-selling brand. “It is a rum, very earthy, warm, woody, writes Thomas Fontaine, who has worked on the subject with Vanina Muracciole. We are in the universe countertops, colonial notes caribbean.”


even with the cuban tobacco, which is a balance between amber and the smell of hay. “The structure is strong and robust but, in the background, the delicacy ethereal of the rum plays its partition.” In its wake, Jovoy comes to hoist the sails on a boat of a privateer to go tu the seas of the end of the world. Its Red Flag the tells in controlled fire with a glass of whiskey. “We have few used whisky in perfumery, notes the nose Marie Schnirer. It is sexy and sensual but at the same time modern and innovative.” She added a few drops of rum and, for the next peaty, several varieties of vetiver natural boosted by a vetiver synthesis, wrapped in the smell frank’s cigar. “The animal musk brings sensuality and vanilla from Madagascar of gluttony.” His whiskey was rubbed with the precious cargo of the vessel. Dried fruit, lapsang souchong, benzoin are also part of the. In good American that he is, Tom Ford has dragged his cowboy boots on the burning sands of the deserts of the Great West. This results in Shaded Leather, black leather, composed of patchouli and vetiver, woods warmed with cardamom and saffron.

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Celebes Wood of Mizensir, 190 €, the vapo 100 ml eau de parfum. SDP

With Mizensir, the brand of candles and fragrances that he has created, Albertos Morillas, author of fragrances to success, takes us in Indonesia, on the shores of the islands Celebes. “I wanted to describe the intensity of the sun on a basket of spices.” As a result, juice woody composed of cardamom, cinnamon, white pepper intoxicating, the power of which plays on the contrast with the tonka bean and labdanum smell sensual, or even sexual. “Vanilla from Madagascar, which naturally has a facet almost animal, is present but treated in bitterness. The incense, to him, evokes a dark forest. Associated with the spices and the floral note of the geranium, it loses its mystical side. This write-spicy is very raw, very detailed, set with a lot of personality. This is not a scent just to feel good.” Its wake voluntarily tenacious applies to the men – and women – to the firm character.


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