All the traditions are not flying of the kite. Take the chicken Sunday roast: it remains one of the favorite dishes of the French. We have all the reasons to love the poultry that still have a nobility of basse-court, turkey Ardennes or cuckoo of Reindeer that have eaten the feathers to the wind, freely. Easy to find? Each city
has its market, its a good gallery, his rotisserie and the famous – they are on the rise…

On the internet also, many sites allow you to buy directly from French producers of quality products, delivered in twenty-four hours. Spend on online grocery shopping of the compulsive e-trade, Amazon, and prefer platforms more craft. On Audrey Radas and Olivier Piechocki, selected in Normandy, the chicken de Gournay of Samuel Thévenet. Perfect!

Geraldine Sillègue . Press Service

On, specialized in the products of the farm in a short circuit, Geraldine Sillègue sells items such as chickens landes, that she raises, with her husband, for twenty weeks, on the land of Swords, in the regional natural Park of the Landes de Gascogne. It is by discovering an agricultural heritage that is poorly adapted to the current ways of consumption that the young woman has decided to add value by making it accessible to all, and providing the means to farmers – who set their own prices – to work to the rhythm of nature. The tasting of his “landes” do not deceive: they offer a superb tender flesh and tasty.

At le Coq Rico, temple parisien (Xviii) roasted chicken, Antoine Westermann, the offers to their card until the end of January, before you discover, in the next month, the geline de Touraine.


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