Not beef. To the card of the Bee, table, triple star of the Shangri-La in Paris, Christophe Moret offers this fall a bar line cooked white cauliflower cooked in milk Ribot, a sole small boat, a lobster from our coasts, fed vanilla, pumpkin and chestnut in casserole lutée. The menu of the season, there is also a rabbit hutch in three times, gnocchi smoked and chanterelle mushrooms, juice saupiquet, a veal sweetbread, golden carrots of the family Laughing in gremolata, a breast of mallard duck roasted beet hay and black olives taggia and a chest of pig farmer of the Chestnut grove, confit, crisp. But beef products, point.

This is a moment that the initiator of the “lunch and 100 % Green” and “Afternoon Tea 100 % Vegan” in 2015, has ceased to serve. “The last time, when we sent a rib of beef well matured, customers have complained that it was too hard. We no longer have this culture” annoys the chef who puts this habit to require tender cuts of meat on the …

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