Small Cafés, Burger joints, traditional snacks lined up along the Hillel Street, to the South of HaMeshulash, the triangle in the center of Jerusalem. Over at the Aroma branch of the famous café chain have in common in Israel, and we are a little unsettled in front of a slightly devastated house entrance. The door is clad with artificial turf. Searing light, horns, indigenous voices – here to hide the best Bar in the city of Jerusalem? It doesn’t look like it.

Here would be the great Gatsby Cocktails drink

The door opens, behind it is dark. After you have become accustomed to the eyes of the little light, the view on a huge bookshelf. To the right a dark brown leather couch, to the left is a bar stool. A young woman smiles sits. “Have you reserved?” We are still not sure whether we are correct. Counter-question: “what Is this ,Gatsby’s Bar’?”

The young woman does not hear the, apparently, for the first Time. At the Moment the bookcase is actually a door opens. Out Jonathan Shweky, 25, Manager of the “Gatsby Cocktail Room”. The almost legendary Locally-elected in 2016, the best Bar in Israel.

Behind the bookshelf, it glows golden. Guests enter a different world: heavy, glass ashtrays, lamps, a marble counter, style furniture, Baroque Wallpaper. It smells of caramel, you hear a Bunsen burner hissing. Needed for the Cocktails.

The concept of the Bar, says Shweky, who grew up in Jerusalem, is the thing to be kept secret. “The decoration is similar to that of the Bars of the prohibition time in America in the 20s, in which they met secretly in illegal Bars to drink alcohol. That is why our Bar is so hidden.“ That’s why there are no signs that point the way to the “Gatsby Cocktail Room”. And also no ads.

This works quite well, for four years. Although the Bar is not not so easy to find, there is a growing demand thanks to mouth-to-mouth-Propaganda. Without a reservation it is rare to get a place.

In Jerusalem, said Jonathan Shweky, doing a lot of night-life: “For someone who has spent his whole life here, it is fun to watch, how Jerusalem changed. The young creative scene is very strong. It new great Bars and Hotels are opening up, which we welcome. It makes the city more diverse.“ In the transformation of the city his permanent Bar but something Special: “The Gatsby’ offers in contrast to most of the localities of a different Flair. Everything is a bit fancier – you can get first-class Service and an exceptional card.“

The bartender needs a special training

According to the expectation of the “Gatsby”guests. And that’s why any bartender runs after a General basic training, a three-month additional training in the Cocktail Room. It goes like this: The candidates will learn the preparation of at least 200 Drinks, creating a Cocktail and then have to end at a two-week, the Treasury Can provide to the guest proof. Only then is it decided who gets a permanent place behind the marble counter.

The map changes every six months; the staff had to advise, and could the guests in detail, says Shweky, who himself started out as a bartender in “Gatsby.” He drinks prefer a classic Daiquiri. Drinks without alcohol, there’s also, of course. Shweky recommends a tropical Cocktail with Mango, almond and lime.

The “Gatsby”-Manager completed his time in the army a “Gatsby”course, and then got an offer for a Job in the Bar. Shweky rejected but first of all, and traveled through South America. Eight months later, he returned to Israel, got a call, if he wanted to work in the “Gatsby Cocktail Room”. This Time he took to earn a bit of money, before the studies should begin. But as is so Shweky remained, was Manager. Today, the Bar is his main profession.

The “Gatsby Cocktail Room” is a kind of total work of art. The Drinks inner and outer values include: “Each Cocktail comes in a specially developed Design,” says Shweky. For example, the “Fortino and Louis” with cinnamon and Rosemary, is served in a glass, in the Form of a silver – plated pineapple place. Turning the lid, it becomes a stand for the vessel. “Big Giant Mama,” comes in a reddish-brown tall Tonbecher with grinsendem face in the Hawaiian Tiki masks style with colorful flower and fresh mint.

there’s food – the small dishes are matched to the Drinks. There’s white and red Quinoa to the Mango and almond, Wasabi and dried roses – hit combines spectacular. All the ingredients are freshly bought in the city. And also almond, coconut, and vanilla syrup are mixed to their own recipes. “Which are of course secret,” says Shweky.

The eye with a drink when the eight bartenders to mix exceptional Cocktails – the “Gatsby Cocktail Room” is also a spectacle. Luminous violet, steaming, sweet, sour, smoky, is also set fire to the Cocktails. In the week in the early evening for Happy Hour good chances to get a place. On the weekend, is to fit a Bar, in the about 70 guests, and often fully booked – be sure to book. Against the wall of books.

Who wants to pull even more, the Jonathan Shweky recommends as a contrast, the “Pergamon”, danced to where Techno is. Or “The Barrel” — a pub, there are fresh Beers. “I think that is what makes Jerusalem so special that there is something for everyone – just like our Cocktails,” says Shweky. In his time as a barman, he has developed a Cocktail called “Unicorn”. The is still on the map. Who wants to taste the “unicorn”, you should drop in “Gatsby Cocktail Room”.

if you enjoy to Jonathan Shwekys “unicorn”Cocktail even more, from the Jerusalem night life – these Hotspots are worth it:

The Wine Bar: Relaxed atmosphere, good map and popular for a night out with friends in the midst of hip Israelis.

HaShchena: In one of the most popular nightlife streets in the city, “HaShchena” (also The Neighbour Bar), in which the young and creative scene celebrates in the case of fresh Drinks on the terrace. Here there are the largest beer selection in the city.

The Barrel Public House: in the heart of Downtown Jerusalem, this Bar scores inspired by British Pubs with the same kind of Flair. The offered beer is, of course, typically British.

Pergamum: In the “Pergamon”Restaurant you can enjoy first vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine – and perhaps the first Cocktails to drink – and then in the adjacent “Pergamon”-Club with live music or Techno parties night and day.


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