What assets or molecules must be preferred to a male skin, compared to skin women?

Dr Roux – The skin of the man’s face differs from that of the woman. It is more oily, because most rich in sebaceous glands, which produce sebum. It is also thicker: the epidermis, that is to say, the superficial part of the skin is thicker. And then, there are the hairs, which are a natural protection against the sun and external aggressions, but who are a source of irritation when they are shaved, especially if shaving is a daily basis. It is necessary, therefore, in effect privileging certain assets such as moisturizing agents, because an oily skin is not necessarily skin is hydrated, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin or urea. It is also necessary to also look at the agents, exfoliating, refining the horny layer and give a glow to the skin, such as the AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids, or fruit acids). I also recommend the agents soothing, especially for the skins shaved, for example niacinamide.

As you age, that is what a man must do as care vital in which it could happen before?

When the skin begins to age, a man must protect themselves from the sun, even if the best is to start at a very young age! In fact, the sun accounts for 80% of skin aging, it is necessary, therefore, protection against UVB rays (sunburn) and UVA (aging and cancer). At the same time, man must use anti-oxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, resveratrol, ferulic acid) and agents that stimulate cell renewal such as retinol.

What is the best routine cleaning and care to adopt for a male skin?

It is essential to cleanse your face in the morning, to eliminate sebum of the night, as well as the dead skin cells, with a foaming agent slightly exfoliating in the shower, and otherwise with a water-micelle containing zinc. And most importantly, moisturize your face after each washing with an emulsion light and non-greasy, even more so after the shave. And of course, for the more careful, apply an anti-wrinkle in the evening and an anti-oxidant in the morning.

How do you explain the different skin types? How to remedy their problems?

The different types of skins: oily, dry, sensitive, reactive… are both genetically determined and conditioned by the mode of life: in the city, in the countryside, in an atmosphere polluted, dusty, exposed to sun, cold, humidity, stress, lack of sleep, food, tobacco, alcohol… To treat her skin, it is necessary to take care of his body. The tobacco thickens the stratum corneum (the most superficial part of the epidermis, composed of dead cells) and gives the complexion grey, and pollutants from the smoke accelerate the aging of the skin. Alcohol, meanwhile, gives redness to the skin (couperose, rosacea). A healthy and balanced diet is essential for beautiful skin: fruit for the vitamins, vegetables for fiber, which maintain the gut microbiota, essential fatty acids, omega-3 and omega-6, for their moisturizing and anti-inflammatory.


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