Gender: in the recklessness of Flea markets, the bric-à-brac of A family resemblance gives way to the troquet in deco libertarian where a fresh converted (of the edition in the kitchen) loose small dishes and wines of beautiful spontaneity. Please come early on the weekends to avoid the ruckus of the hunters hungry.

Price: formulas to 15,50 and 18 € (déj., sem.), approximately 25-30 €. Salad of jerusalem artichokes, pear, hazelnuts: friendly botany of mouth. Beef Tartare, sauce gribiche, apple shot: had to think about it. Cake chocolate fudge, caramel peanuts: in the spirit of a chocolate bar.

With that? Those Chips.

table: 9 within or on the terrace.

Service: chaloupé.

Good Adventure. 59, rue des Rosiers in Saint-Ouen (93). Tel.: 01 48 49 09 69. Everyday sf mar.


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