Sexism – Google-Employees protest against injustice in his own group, thousands of employees of Google have temporarily put your work down. You criticize the handling of Internet group with sexism, racism and abuse of power by executives. © Photo: Bryan R. Smith/AFP/

thousands of Google employees on Thursday, world’s work: a Protest against sexism, racism and abuse of power by executives. “For real change” the plans for the protest, announced the organizers of the action. Under the Hashtag #Google walkout, the employees agreed to leave each at 11.10 am local time in their offices.

At the rally in front of New York’s Google Headquarters, they held signs with Slogans such as “labor rights, women’s rights,” again and again the old company motto is: “Don’t be evil” – do no Harm. The participants are calling for more equality.

48 employees have been

engulfed all of North America and Europe to Asia. In Dublin, the European headquarters of Google, went about 500 employees on the road, in London, several Hundred employees were involved, also in Jerusalem, and in Singapore, there were rallies. Google announced this week that in the past two years, 48 employees because of sexual Assault were dismissed.

For many employees, has been building following the recent allegations of frustration. “There are thousands of us, at every level of the company – and we have enough,” – said in an open letter to the Initiative. To Transparent, the protesters expressed their Anger: “I work hard every day so that my company can afford to pay a Manager $ 90 million, the harassed my fellow sexually”.

severance pay for former employees?

First, on Wednesday, Google announced-parent company, Alphabet, is that the high-ranking employees Rich DeVaul left the company without severance pay. According to the New York Times DeVaul was a few years ago to a young Jobbewerberin pushy. The newspaper had revealed a whole series of cases of alleged sexual harassment by a Google employee and the group accused of covering up such incidents.

the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai responded with the statement that Google follow behavior “increasingly tough line” against such wrong. Pichai said that none of the grounds of such allegations former employees had been paid a severance. For special attention in the case of Andy Rubin, the Creator of the Smartphone operating system Android. He had left Google in 2014, according to the New York Times because of sexual misconduct. The newspaper reported, however, the company have put together for ruby a severance package worth $ 90 million. Rubin’s spokesman rejected the allegations.


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