In the field of connected speakers, you can’t say that the designers are not proof of originality (*), but here, with the california-based company Zoeao, we must use a cap. A creature of space, a spider, the death star, an invader out of the novel “the war of The worlds” by HG Wells? Everyone will have his opinion, nobody will be indifferent. And then his name, Gravastar as a GRAvitational VAcuum STAR: “Gra”, as gravitational, “Going to” as blank and “star” as a… star. For some scientists, this term would indicate a questioning of black holes, including the first pictures are yet fallen on April 10, which would not in fact that of “bubbles” containing a vacuum wrapped in a shell of very hard material. This dissent scientific, taken over by the engineers Zoeao, has inspired the body of the pregnant Gravastar.

To stay in the atmosphere, the ignition of the enclosure is accompanied by a sound akin no doubt to the opening of a door of the spaceship and to the lighting of the green LEDS on its body and legs. The stage is set. The pairing to the Bluetooth source is done with a simple press of a button.

Then, in a first time, let us listen to. The eyes are closed. The sound is clean (thanks to its bass driver 70mm). Low, distilled by another unit in composite of polyethylene and a core of magnetic metal, the present. Finally, power is at the appointment (20 watts) without distortion even at high volume. Mission accomplished, even if in this price range, we would have liked a little more warmth and definition. Two Gravastar can be coupled to receive a stereo system and surround sound, there will be, however, of what to animate an evening in a beautiful space.

30 hours

Now, open up the eyes and detail the model. Camped on its three metal legs (retractable for storage) for stability and shock absorption, this subject of science-fiction has a weight of 1.6 kg for a diameter of 140 mm and is made of zinc alloy high quality. Its spherical shape “gives the Gravastar a sound much more clear than other forms we have tried, leave it to its designers. The sphere greatly reduces the reflections and interferences of sound waves internal to the housing. This allows the sound to spread in all directions for a better immersion.”

Gravastar uses a Qualcomm chipset for the control, fully compatible with Bluetooth 5.0. It supports True Wireless Stereo, has a battery 2600mAh providing up to 30 hours of playback. It uses USB-C for charging (cable included) and has an Aux In (cable included).

in The end, aesthetically, its primary quality may be its greatest defect. Love it or hate it. The radius of which is, in our opinion, room for improvement note that the ignition and extinction of the Gravastar emits a sound such as spacecraft take-off of three seconds, which, like his physical, does not make it more discrete. Also, we would have liked to be able to change the green color of its LEDS even see them move to the rhythm of the music. Don’t go On holiday in space? Finally, damage to the lowest level on the volume of the Gravastar sends enough of her for not being able to use mutes. Once again, this product is not in the discretion. But is this his vocation?

(*) The lounge Sound Days will be held at the Tile of the Temple at Paris, on 18 and 19 may.

Price: from 114 € on Indiegogo

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