Brexit – the EU and the UK have to exit the contract agreed to On Wednesday, the Cabinet will discuss the draft. Ex-foreign Minister, Boris Johnson wants to vote against the compromise. © Photo: Reuters TV

The British government, according to agreed sub-distributors in the Brexit talks on a draft of a withdrawal agreement. According to media reports, the Prime Minister Theresa May called her Cabinet to a special session on Wednesday afternoon. On the same day, want to meet the ambassadors of the 27 remaining countries in the EU. As the Guardian reported, to include the design of over 400 pages. Until the meeting of May invites her Ministers to discuss the government’s seat, to give you insight into the design document.

most Recently there had been doubts as to whether the head of government can win a majority in Parliament for the Leaving Deal. On Tuesday the government had made concessions to avoid a voting defeat.

The Labour party had called for the publication of a legal opinion to the planned Brexit agreement, the Northern Irish-Protestant DUP, supported this demand; Mays minority government dependent on the votes of the DUP. The Prime Minister subsequently announced to make the report, at least partially accessible.

No checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland

the UK, the EU is on 29. March 2019 to leave. The exit interviews increased recently, partly because the question of border controls between the UK’s Northern Ireland and a member of the EU, Ireland was not cleared. The EU insists on a guarantee that it will be after Brexit no border controls. This warranty is called the Backstop. Brexit-hardliners reject the Backstop.

The Irish broadcaster RTE reported, on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland it should be according to the draft, no customs stations or other obstacles. For Northern Ireland it should be different than for the Rest of the UK, a further regulation, which clarifies the relationship with the EU customs Union.

the Cabinet of Ministers Should approve the draft, will start a ratification process. Initially, the European Council should be from the heads of government of the member countries to sign the agreement, then the members of the British Parliament. These are divided. Brexit-hardliners such as Boris Johnson, condemned the draft, because the UK would remain in the customs Union and in large Parts of the internal market. He’s going to vote against it, he told the BBC.

head of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn said: “in view of the chaotic nature of the negotiations, it will probably be not a good Deal for the country.” Labour will not vote against the draft if he meets the six requirements of his party to protect jobs and the economy.


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