The timing is not of the best. Thronged every Saturday by the “yellow vests” for the past three weeks, the Champs-Élysées ready yet to welcome this Tuesday, December 11, Ground Control. The space of “free and curious”, which combines street food and alternative programming to the Hall Charolais (Xii) opens the doors of its new location for a period of nine months, stashed in a commercial gallery at the bottom of the most beautiful avenue in the world.

Accustomed to the wasteland XXL – owned by SNCF – and the popular districts (the Thirteenth, Eighteenth, Twelfth), the organisers of Ground Control attack by a new challenge. “We go out of our comfort zone,” explains Denis Legat, associate director of The red Moon, which is coordinating the project. The goal is to return the Parisians on the Champs-Élysées, but also to reach a new audience”. The area, although smaller than at gare de Lyon train Station – 500 m2 indoor and 1000 m2 outdoor against 4500 m2 indoor and 1,500 m2 outdoor – is also very different. The industrial look is replaced here by the chic and the cool white of a commercial gallery in the 1970s. Ownership of Qatari, it will be completely destroyed to be restored.

Five areas to discover Denis Legat, and Stéphane Jégo. Julie Limont

By then, this “haven of peace”, free from the hustle and bustle of the Champs is the new playing field of Ground Control. Which has invested in and transformed five old shops, arranged around a central patio open to the sky, the future star of the beautiful days. A contemporary art gallery with a wine bar and champagne (and restore a little cold) ; a coffee shop open continuously, which also works as a coworking space with free wi-fi, to which is coupled a concept store (with vinyl records, books, leather goods, furniture, clothing, etc.); a pop-up store for rent for brands (not yet built) ; and a cafeteria-bar with long host tables in light wood, high tables (approximately 120 seats) and a small stage for acoustic concerts or DJ’s. “The summer will also be conducive to workshops,” explains Denis Legat.

This time, the gastronomy has not been entrusted to several food chains in paris, but one man, and Stéphane Jégo. The boss of the highly esteemed Friend John (Vii) supervises the canteen, the coffee shop and the bubble bar. The chief bistronome is already working with the Refugee Food Festival, holding a booth at the Hall Charolais. It was there that he met Denis Legat. “A human encounter. I didn’t want to use another restaurant. But my idea was to surround myself with producers of The Friend, John, to propose a street food, affordable, for sharing, with a level of cuisine similar to that of my restaurant, and products of the same quality,” says the chief. Hare a la royale, parmesan cream, rice milk… The average of the noon is 22€, compared to 35-40€ for a night. The to recover at the counter. Jégo has appealed, among many others, Cathy Loved (beef and veal), Kalios (olives and oil), Sôcisse (sausage Marseille), Sylvain Erhardt (“the prince of asparagus”), Emmanuel Ryon (cake trip), Pariès (basque cake)… Next to the coffee shop, it serves coffee, specialty GramGram, pastries of Julien Duboué (Boulom) and boards of charcuterie Aitana and Ospital. “The Fields are a beautiful showcase for all the producers, who will present their products,” concludes Stéphane Jégo. In the hope that it will not be too damaged.

Ground Control Fields. 26, avenue des Champs-Elysées (VIIIe). From Tuesday to Saturday, from 8: 30 to 23: 30. Free admission.


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