In 2015, the world will extasiait in front of the choreography sub-marine champion and world record holder apnea and his girlfriend Julie Gautier, who Beyoncé had given the clip of his title Runnin’… Four years later, the muses of apnea modern realize a new short film in breathtaking, One Breath Around The World. Twelve minutes of immersion, dream-like. A hymn to the beauty of the underwater world that has already been shared by 2.7 million “followers” on the page Facebook of the athlete, since its launch on the 1st of February.

On this occasion, we offer you the exclusive interview he granted to the Figaro Magazine a few weeks ago on the occasion of the 21st edition of the international exhibition of diving, he ran with Julie Gautier. Guillaume Néry reveals, in particular, the odyssey of his new film.

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LE FIGARO MAGAZINE – Sponsor the major event of diving in France, a consecration?

Guillaume NÉRY – A nice recognition for a discipline that is becoming more followers. Julie and I are pleased to be to this edition the door-flags of the apnea.

Guillaume Néry BLueNery

A word about your new film?

It is an assembly of two projects. To live an experience with our daughter, and the one that I had with photographer Franck Seguin to realize a tour of the world of the wonders of the underwater world. It’s a big journey in a single breath-hold, an ode to our planet’s water, strong both symbolically and aesthetically.

A plea for the environment?

It is anything but a documentary. And then I don’t want to “green up” my image, or ask me in the donor of lessons as well as, to achieve this, we have travelled the world… In aircraft. You need to know to stay humble.

other news at the salon?

The output of ‘A full breath (Glénat, 192 p. 35 €), which tells the odyssey of a film, illustrated by Franck Seguin. And the launch of a clothing line eco-friendly.

Your greatest fear?

In the current climate, as Mai-Lou, my daughter of 7 years, may not be able to live on a habitable Land.

“happiness is the quest number one of humanity. But to run always after a dream, it is never satisfied.”

Guillaume Néry

Pessimistic for the oceans?

I am lucid about the state of our planet in its entirety. The hope would be that in a very short period of time, three or four years, the man radically changes his way of life. Then, I would be more optimistic.

yours has it evolved?

Yes, in everyday life, in our manner of eating. Travel professionals are our bête noire…

Since “Free Fall”, the first film made with Julie in 2010 (20 million views on YouTube), you are hypermédiatisés. How to reconcile this with the harmony of the family?

This is complex. For us to get out of the hustle and bustle we left Nice for a retreat of several months in Moorea, in Polynesia. We are contemplating the return.

In 2015, you stop the competition after a descent accidental to 139 meters. Challenge is a word banished from your vocabulary?

No, the challenges are part of life! Proof: I will participate in September in a casual manner! – at the world championships of apnea-in-depth for me, in the bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

Your best memory on the water?

The Galápagos, I slipped at the heart of a school of a hundred hammerhead sharks. I moved among them as one of their own, for a good minute. A moment of communion rare.

“A picture, a music, a text can move me to tears.”

Guillaume Néry

And on earth?

A great crossing of the Drôme, this summer, single-handed, and self-reliance. A personal journey to reconnect with the long time.

what is it that you breath?

The art, in all its forms. A table, a music, a text can move me to tears.

A dream not yet realized?

happiness is the quest number one of humanity. But to run always after a dream, it is never satisfied… Even if it is paradoxical for someone who has achieved a lot, I would say to find happiness and harmony in the simple things in life.

A wish for 2019?

To the world, as it was for me: more simplicity…

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