After the Gault&Millau guide, the 100 heads, the Fooding… And before the Michelin (25 January), List, ranking, initiated in 2015 by the French diplomacy in response to the controversial World’s 50 Best Restaurants accused of under-representing the cuisine of the country, just to give the verdict. The awards will be presented Monday at the Quai d’orsay in the presence of 80 heads contained in the list of winners. For the third year in a row, it is the Parisian Guy Savoy, three-star at the Paris Mint (Life), which ranks the first place. It is, however, joined in 2018 by Eric Ripert, of le Bernardin in New York (already 2nd last year), tied with 99,75 100.

After more than twenty-seven years rue Troyon (Xvii), the three-star native of Bourgoin-Jallieu (Isère) is a transferred – in delay compared to the schedule – at the Hotel of the Currency in 2015. Guy Savoy, who likes to define himself as a “innkeeper”, supervises a team of more than 60 people in a sompueux with view on the Seine. Among its dishes signatures figure the artichoke soup with black truffle and brioche, puff pastry with mushrooms.

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Led by ambassador Philippe Faure, under the leadership of the ministry of foreign Affairs, The List covers 180 countries. It is designed from a compilation of guides, publications and gastronomic sites, weighted to arrive at a ranking of 1000 restaurants in the world rated out of 100.

Shortage of good bistros

The first two of The List are French, but its instigators deplore at the same time the state often “pitiful” of the bistros of france. France came third with 116 best tables on 1000, behind Japan (148) and China (143), who continue to soar with a score of new restaurants in the ranking for each of these two countries compared to last year.

If everything goes swimmingly for the French gastronomy top of the line”, “I am not optimistic for France”, relates to the AFP Philippe Faure. “If the Guy Savoy wanted to open restaurants everywhere, it could without a problem (…). But the high-end can not pull the rest of the French gastronomy”, he complained. “There was a bit of bistronomie in the big cities, but in province it is lamentable (…) there are 30-40 years we could go from Bordeaux to Lyon by car, stopping every 20 km, there was around good brew, it was tasty, this is no longer the case at all. We eat better in Switzerland, in Spain, in Italy and in France without guides, just by pushing the door”, he adds. It explains this phenomenon in particular by the complexity of French culinary techniques and a broad choice of fresh foods needed.

Among the major trends of the year, The List also notes a “significant improvement” of restaurants Russian, unintended consequence of the embargo on western food in Russia.

16 Parisians in the top 200

another trend that is “growing” due to Instagram, “it is to eat with the eyes”, says Philippe Faure for that gastronomy “is consuming more and more of as the haute couture”. This passion for the “beautiful”, at the expense sometimes of the “good” are in contradiction with the trend, which still continues, to search for a product “natural, organic and eco-responsible”. “There is a clientele of young people between 20 and 40 years, often women, who have a favorite restaurant because they have seen pictures with flowers, a flat as a watercolor, and it is that which motivates”, stresses Yörg Zipprick, co-founder of The List.

Sixteen restaurants in paris rank in the top 200. In addition to the kitchens of Guy Savoy, Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athénée (99,50/100), L’arpège Alain Passard (99,25/100), The Pré Catelan Frédéric Anton (98,75/100), The Ambrosia of Bernard Pacaud (98,5/100), The Pavillon Ledoyen Yannick Alléno (98,25/100), Pierre Gagnaire (98/100), The Epicure Eric Frechon (97,25/100), The Five of Christian Le Squer (97/100), The Astrance Pascal Barbot (96,25/100), The Large Restaurant Jean-François Piège (95,75/100), Gabriel, Jérôme Banctel (95,5/100), Taillevent David Bizet (95,5/100), The Grand Véfour for Guy Martin (94,75/100), The Clarence of Christophe Pelé (94,25/100) and The Meurice Alain Ducasse (93,25/100).


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